OP Rajbhar said on Mainpuri – ‘The by-election is held by the ruling party, Subhaspa will remain in third place’

UP News: Subhaspa National President Om Prakash Rajbhar (OM Prakash Rajbhar) said about the Mainpuri Lok Sabha by-election that we are giving half-yearly exams. We are not contesting elections to win, so we are fighting to see what is the result of the work we have done so far. We will definitely say that we will come third in this election. Spokesperson of Rajbhar National Inter College reached his residence in Ghazipur to express condolences on the death of Narsingh Pandey. 

People have no sympathy for votes – Rajbhar

The by-election is held by the ruling party – Rajbhar

OP Rajbhar further said that if we see the results, then in the 2014 election, the honorable leader had won the election by 2.5 lakhs. In 2019, when SP and BSP formed an alliance, he won by 95,000 votes. SP alliance is broken. The by-election is of the ruling party. Deduct this 95000 votes and add it to BJP. On the other hand, on the question of Abbas Ansari, he said that he is legally our MLA but the leader is the leader of Samajwadi Party, if you want to confirm then go to Jalalpur, our MLA is from there. 

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