Owaisi said- ‘No one can understand Muslims as punching bags, Uniform Civil Code is not needed’

Owaisi on Uniform Civil Code: During an Iftar party in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, AIMIM National President Asaduddin Owaisi opposed the Uniform Civil Code saying, ‘The country does not need this law. Muslims cannot be considered as punching bags. This party was held at the house of Imtiaz Jareel, in which AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi also reached. 

Muslims will not be allowed to make punching bags: Owaisi
Owaisi raised questions on alcohol and said, why is alcohol not banned. Wherever there is a BJP government, why don’t they ban alcohol. There is a difference between the Uniform Civil Code and the Common Code. Has promised to protect the culture of Meghalaya, Mizoram and Nagaland. In our constitution, we have also been protected in the constitution for the protection of Muslim culture. We are against Uniform Civil Code. The rule of law needs to be strengthened. Law and Lord is supreme, which should not be spoiled. No mai ka lal has the guts to make us a punching bag.

Now there is bulldozer rule not democracy
Owaisi said, ‘Muslim community is given collective punishment. The states are no longer ruled by democracy but by bulldozers. If a Muslim becomes fanatic, it will not be good for the country. Law and order is supreme. It should not be disturbed. One in three governments in Maharashtra is responsible for maintaining peace. A Hindu marries in Goa and if his wife is of 25-30 years of age and does not have children, then that husband can marry again. Now the people of BJP should answer this.’

There is a competition to believe in the biggest Hindutva in the country
It is happening in the politics of the country that who is ahead in believing the biggest Hindutva. There is no political infatuation with Navneet or Uddhav Thackeray, but imposing sedition charge does not prove to be true, the rest of the Supreme Court is looking at the section of sedition. Owaisi said, except ‘TRS’, everyone is engaged in this race as to who is the biggest follower of Hindutva in the country. Imtiaz Jaleel We were deliberately given permission to rally in the heart of the city. If we give permission elsewhere, we would not have any problem. The order came from above to the NCP, only then the Home Minister gave permission for a rally in the heart of the city.

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