Pakistan and China will be scared of BrahMos-2 hypersonic missile, will cause destruction in the blink of an eye

India BrahMos-2 Hypersonic Missile: India and Russia are jointly making BrahMos-2 hypersonic missile. BrahMos is considered to be the fastest and deadliest weapon in the world. India’s first hypersonic missile may be based on the model of Russia’s Zircon missile. According to the information, BrahMos-2 missile will not be exported. In terms of performance and power, it will be very close to Russia’s Zircon missile. 

Strength and USP of BrahMos-2

Won’t even get caught by the radar

These missiles of trickster neighbors like China and Pakistan can prove to be very lethal. Its speed will be so high that even radar will not catch it. It can change direction in the sky itself. The specialty of hypersonic weapon is that it is capable of flying even at low altitude. The supersonic version of BrahMos will be capable of flying at a speed of Mach 2.8.

Which Russian missile will match?

How long will it take to build now?

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