Pakistan’s new prime minister to be elected on this day, Imran Khan government lost trust vote

Imran Khan was not present in the lower house and MPs from his party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) also walked out. However, rebel members of PTI remained present in the house.

Who will be the new Prime Minister?
The United Opposition had already announced that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz will be the President. Shahbaz Sharif will be their joint candidate. In such a situation, Shahzab Sharif can be elected the new Prime Minister of the country on Monday. Meanwhile, Shahbaz vowed that the new government would not indulge in vendetta politics. We have to forget this and move on. We will not do any retaliation or injustice. We will not send anyone to jail without any reason.” Came to power with the promise of making ‘. However, he failed miserably to address the fundamental problem of keeping commodity prices under check. He could not control inflation. Now he has been removed from the post even before the completion of his term. The current term of the National Assembly was to end in August 2023.

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