Palak is ignoring Papa Raja Chaudhary! does not respond to messages

Raja Chaudhary is the name of the TV world which has a deep connection with controversies. Raja Chaudhary’s first two marriages broke down and then also suffered the pain of breakup and now daughter Palak Tiwari does not have time to meet him. Raja Chaudhary is deeply saddened by the fact that everyone related to his life has hurt him emotionally and now his heart is broken. During an interview, Raja Chaudhary told the pain of his life. 

Papa is ignoring ‘Chowdhary’ Palak 
In an interview with ETimes, Raja told that the last time I saw Palak was when she was a child. But now Palak is very busy and has not even met me for a long time. I message and email them. Waiting for their reply. I don’t get a chance to meet him. Maybe she is busy or just ignoring me. 

Parents also refused to live together 
Raja Chaudhary admitted that he has a drinking problem and with the help of doctors, he is trying to overcome it. But Raja Chaudhary’s doctors say that he is finding it difficult to get rid of it because he is badly trapped in it. Raja Chaudhary further told that his parents also refused to live with him and sent him back to Mumbai. They believe I am made for this. 

Not as bad as the world thinks 
Raja Chaudhary did the time when he separated from Shweta Tiwari. Shweta accused him that I used to do domestic violence. Talking on all these allegations, Raja Chaudhary has said that an attempt has been made to show him as bad as possible. Actually they are not that bad. 

Want to remove grudges with Shweta 
Raja Chaudhary and Shweta Tiwari were married in 1998. In 2012, Shweta separated from Raja Chaudhary saying that he used to beat her after drinking alcohol. Raja told that in 2021 he met his daughter Palak after 13 years. In the interview, Raja Chaudhary has also said that he wants to talk to Shweta Tiwari and remove all the grievances.

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