Panchamrit aur Charnamrit: What is the difference between Charanamrit and Panchamrit, know the rules of taking and benefits of drinking

Panchamrit aur Charnamrit: The importance of both Panchamrit and Charnamrit is immense in Hindu worship and rituals. Panchamrit or Charanamrit is given in the form of prasad in worship. Panchamrit and Charanamrit not only purify your soul but also keep your mind calm.

Panchamrita means five nectars i.e. made up of five holy substances. Charanamrit means the nectar of the feet of God. Consuming both these beverages generates positive emotions within the person.

What is Panchamrit and Charanamrit
Panchamrut means a pure drink consisting of five sacred foods. At the same time, Charanamrit is called the water of the feet of Lord Vishnu.

How to make Panchamrit
Panchamrit is made by mixing cow’s milk, cow’s ghee, curd, honey and sugar together in Panchamrit. Panchamrit made by mixing all the five types is supposed to give peace to the mind.

Benefits of Panchamrit
The body remains disease free by consuming Panchamrit. Just as you bathe God, in the same way, if you bathe yourself, then the radiance of the body increases. Panchamrit should not be consumed in excess.

How to make Charanamrit
Tulsi leaves, sesame and other medicinal ingredients are mixed in a copper vessel filled with water. Always keep water in a copper urn in a temple or house by mixing basil.

Benefits of Charanamrit
According to Ayurveda, copper has the properties of destroying many diseases. Tulsi is an antibiotic. It has the ability to cure many diseases. It is also considered to be beneficial in increasing the potency. Its water provides peace and calmness to the mind. It is also effective in increasing intelligence, memory power.

Charanamrit Way to take 
It is often seen that after taking Charanamrit, people turn their heads, while doing so is wrong. According to the scriptures, this increases the negative effect. Charanamrit should always be taken with the right hand and should be consumed with devotion keeping the mind calm. It should always be taken with your right hand. should receive. This makes Charanamrit more beneficial.


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