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The Episode starts with Gautam saying, Shiva… ashes pot… its outside. Dhara gets shocked. She says you said you will get fine safely, ashes…. Prafulla asks Raavi to open the door. Dhara sees the ashes pot. She recalls Shiva. She cries and brings the pot inside. Suman recalls Shiva’s words. She cries. She says it was his birthday and I asked him to go, I wanted to give him a pic and his childhood shirt. Everyone cries. Raavi comes out of her room. She looks at the ashes pot. Suman removes the bangles and recalls Shiva. She asks Suman why are you crying for a stranger, this isn’t our Shiva, make this out, I don’t believe that he has come this way, this isn’t our Shiva. Dhara holds her and says come to senses. Raavi says you need to come to senses. Suman wears back the bangles. Raavi says keep a hand on your heart, this isn’t Shiva, I will not believe, remove this pot else… Dhara says no, come to senses, listen to me, Shiva is no more.

Raavi asks can Mahakaal get separated from Avantika, no, right, then how can my Shiva get separated from me, he didn’t go anywhere. Dhara hugs her and cries. Everyone hugs Raavi. Raavi asks Suman how can you lose, how can you believe that this is our Shiva.

Shiva is seen lying on a river bank. Kanta goes to remove Raavi’s mangalsutra. Dhara stops Kanta. She asks what are you doing. Kanta says Shiva is no more, what’s the need of this mangalsutra. Dhara asks what does a man leave after his wife’s leaving, nothing, why should a woman sacrifice everything. Kanta asks Suman to explain Dhara. Suman says she is telling the truth. Rishita sys she won’t remove anything, its her right to wear it. Suman makes Raavi wear her bangles also. She says I see my son existing in my bahu. Kanta says but our society. Raavi says I just know that my Shiva is alive, the proof is my running breath. Some villagers see Shiva and run to help him. Raavi prays. She asks Gautam to take away the ashes. She says I know Shiva is alive, Somnath also knows he is alive. The man checks Shiva. The lady asks did he die, what will we do now. The man says don’t get scared, I will call the police. Gautam, Dev, Krish and Dhara take the ashes pot. They cry. Raavi hugs Suman. Shiva moves his hand. The lady says he is moving. The lady asks is he alive. The man says yes, come and hold him. Prafulla says whatever happened was bad, who can stop the destined, take care, I will take Raavi to my house.

The men come to give compensation for Shiva’s loss. The man gives the cheque of 10 lakhs. Raavi sits crying. Shiva takes Raavi’s name. The village girl takes care of him.

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