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Pandya Store 17th November 2022 Written Episode Update Dhaara supports Raavi

Written Update

In today’s episode of Pandya Store we saw Dhaara asking Shiva to punish her are it was her fault not to call him or inform anyone else. She asks him not to punish Raavi as she has done nothing wrong. She says that he knows her since childhood, how can he think that she can do something like that?

Shiva asks then how come Arnav was there in the hospital before him. Rishita says that she informed him. Shiva says that he is a boss why is he trying to be her husband. Shiva says that he will not even move from his chair if someone dies in his office but he comes running on her smallest ache. He says that he saw Arnav holding her hand in the hospital.

Suman asks Raavi if she was holding hands with Arnav in the hospital. Raavi says that she was holding his hand because she got scared from the injection. Shiva says that she was not scared of the injection but was scared that her truth will come out. Dhaara loses her cool and is about to slap Shiva but stops herself. She asks him to think about it with a calm mind or else he will be left with nothing when his anger will subside.

Suman supports Shiva and says what will a husband think if he sees his wife holding someone else’s hand. Rishita regrets confronting Shweta which led to this huge misunderstanding. She says that Raavi is not lying. Shiva says that it is not just about the operation. He says that one day he thought about going to her office to bring her home but he saw him coming with Arnav in his car. He adds that she gave a gift to Arnav first and then to the family members. He says that if she was right she would have brought him inside the house.

Shiva also tells the family that she gave a cheaper shirt to him and an expensive one to her boss. Raavi tries to explain and says that she herself got to know about the shirt being swapped when she was in Mumbai. Shiva says that how come it got swapped with Arnav and not his brothers? He says that they must have had a good time in Mumbai. Dhaara slaps Shiva and says how low will he stoop.

Raavi says that Shiva has crossed the limit and she cannot take it anymore. She decides to leave the house.  Shiva asks her to leave. Dhaara asks Gombi if their relationship is so weak that a report can break their ties. Shiva says that even Gautam knows that Dhaara will do and say anything to save the family.

Shweta pretends to support Dhara and Raavi and says that they must be telling the truth.

Precap: Shiva accuses Raavi of having affair with Arnav. Raavi decides to leave the house. Dhaara asks Suman to stop her but Suman asks her to leave the house along with Raavi. Dhaara goes to the hospital to find the truth. Rishita asks Dr. Nitin about Raavi’s operation.

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