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The Episode starts with Dev and everyone dancing in the baraat. They get the jeep and fool the groom. The groom says its my marriage today, where are you taking me. Shiva asks Dev to just rush. Kanta says this baba always tells the true things, I thought he can find out about our Chiku. Rishita says you know the ladies are alone here, still you got a stranger home. Kanta says he is a famous baba. Rishita says you don’t need his help. Baba says enough, you insulted me a lot. Kanta says she is young, immature, don’t get angry. He sees Shweta and shouts you. She thinks does he really know about me. Dev and Raavi see Forum. Raavi asks him to drive fast. Gautam says she came home as a dancer. Forum sees them and asks the driver to drive fast. The groom says Chiku is my would be wife’s name, why are you finding her. Gautam asks Raavi to call police and give their live location, ask them to come. Baba asks Shweta to go. He applies kajal. He asks Rishita not to insult him. He says I can see a baby, the secrets will come out. He asks what’s there. He steals the phones. Rishita sees him. She asks him to leave, he is fraud. He says I won’t stay here. Rishita beats him. She asks Shweta to get her phone from his bag. Suman asks what. Suman asks what, he has stolen the phone. She also beats him. Suman says call the police. He runs away. Suman says even my phone is in his bag. Rishita says he was taking an advantage of our tension. Suman worries seeing Dhara. She shouts Dhara and asks Rishita to call the doctor.

Shweta says I didn’t think of all this. Dev stops the tempo. Police also comes. Forum runs away. Gautam says that girl is in this tempo. Krish says she has run away. They all follow Forum. Doctor checks Dhara. He says we can’t say anything if her health deteriorates more, you have to feed her the food. Suman says Chiku will come, have some sugar. Gautam gets hurt. Forum keeps Chiku in some auto and leaves. Chiku cries. They hear Chiku crying. They look for Chiku. Shiva sees Chiku inside an auto rickshaw. He says Chiku is here. Dev takes Chiku. Forum looks on. The family hugs Chiku. Dhara gets up and says I will go and get Chiku. Suman asks where are you going. Dhara gets fainting. Gautam and everyone come home with Chiku. Gautam holds Dhara. He shows Chiku. Dhara takes Chiku. Dhara cries and asks where did you go. Shweta thinks where is Forum.

Abhi mujhme kahin..plays… Everyone hugs Dhara. Gautam asks Dhara to break her fast now. Rishita says yes, now she has to eat food, Chiku has come. Rishita asks where did you get Chiku. Krish says it’s a long story. Shweta asks did Forum get caught. Rishita asks how did you know, that she was a woman and her name is Forum. Shweta says I didn’t say that. Rishita says she is a liar. Gautam says we would have made her confess, but she ran away, leaving Chiku in an auto. Shweta says it means police couldn’t find her, I m sure police will find her. Dhara says Lord will punish her. Shweta takes Chiku. Dhara asks shall I make Chiku sleep today. Shweta says yes, keep him if you feel better, I mean you make him sleep, he is attached to you, one month is ending, but he didn’t get attached to me. Rishita says don’t know, what problem he has with you, strange. Suman asks Dhara to keep Chiku. She says I will send Chiku and Shweta to her parents’ house tomorrow. Shweta says but why. Suman says my patience is over, pack your bags, I will call your parents, they will come and take you, I can’t take your responsibility now. Shweta worries.

Shweta says I wanted a good life, a loving person, what did I get, a child, you know what all I did to get rid of Chiku. Krish asks what did you do. He gets shocked.

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