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The Episode starts with everyone worrying for Shiva. Shiva says the item in the box is ladies private clothes. Everyone worries more. The anchor says this is competition, you have to show the product to everyone. Shiva says I didn’t see this ever in my life, how will I sell it. The people laugh on him. Janardhan smiles and sees Gautam. Raavi asks how can they give it to sell. Dhara says Shiva can do this. Shiva scolds the people.

The anchor asks why are you getting so shy, do you feel shy buying clothes for your wife. Shiva says I never bought clothes for myself, she gave me this shirt. The judge says you have to sell this to go ahead in the competition, else you will be disqualified, think you have a business of undergarments, then it will be comfortable. Janardhan asks what happened to Shiva, did he get scared. Suman says Shiva knows what’s in his hand, Rishita doesn’t even know. He says time will show. Gautam says Shiva isn’t scared, but tensed, because this isn’t our family values, he knows to respect women, he has to think like a storekeeper. Raavi says I think Shiva can’t do this. Dhara says its my mistake. Raavi asks why. Dhara says I have become their Bhabhi and mum, I taught them to respect women, I should have educated them about women clothes and made their thinking progressive, that’s why Shiva is hesitant today.

Shiva closes eyes. He hesitates to pick the item from the box. The people laugh. Shiva cries and his hands start shaking while showing the item/ladies bra. The anchor says at least we got to see your product, we will see what you do to sell this. Rishita says if I m in problem, then Shiva is in double problem. The contestants show their marketing skills. Rishita’s turn comes. Janardhan cheers for her. Rishita signs Dhara to ask. Dhara helps Rishita. Rishita recalls her words.

Raavi asks Dhara to stop signing, else they will be thrown out. Dhara says why isn’t she understanding, it’s a knife and the sharpening tool. Rishita comes on stage and performs. Everyone claps for her. Everyone smiles. Krish hugs Dhara and Kirti. Janardhan says Rishita is my daughter. Suman says you are clapping like you taught her, she learnt this in our house. He asks Kamini did she hear what Suman is saying. The anchor calls Shiva and asks did he change his shyness into confidence or not. Shiva comes on stage with the box. Raavi worries. Dhara says he will do something. Shiva asks them to give any other item to sell. He says I will sell anything else. The judge says it will be unfair with the other participants, either sell the item or leave the competition. Rishita thinks its impossible for anyone to sell ladies undergarments, how will Shiva go. Suman and Dhara pray for Shiva. Shiva’s friends say he should sell it. Janardhan says if Shiva sells the clothes and goes in next round, then I will believe that Pandyas have given birth to tigers. Suman scolds him. Gautam asks her to calm down. The anchor says just 10 seconds left Shiva, think something quickly. She counts down. Shiva recalls Janardhan and Rishita’s words. Gautam says say it Shiva. Shiva worries and recalls his promise to Dhara. He says I will sell it. Gautam and Dhara smile. Shiva says I will sell it. the anchor wishes him all the best. Krish claps and says come on Shiva. Everyone cheers for her. Kirti asks him to decide on whose side he is. He says both.

The anchor says Shiva, your performance time has started. Shiva says I have become this product seller for the first time. The anchor asks do you have any other colour of bra, is it Indian or importer. He asks what. She says bra, would I come here to buy vegs. The people laugh. The anchor says your time is running out. He drops the box, the bra comes in his hand. Shiva gets tensed.

Shiva and Rishita enter the second round. Rishita and Shiva show their creativity.

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