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The Episode starts with Dhara putting the ghunghat on her face. Suman sees them and asks Dhara to come. She asks why did you put the ghunghat. Dhara says its my mannat for Rishita and the baby. Suman says I get much tension. Gautam says we will go out and have tea. He sees the doctor and takes Suman. Bhagam bhaag….plays… Doctor sees him and goes after him. Suman asks what are you doing. Doctor follows. Suman asks how is Rishita. Doctor asks Gautam to clear 30000rs. Dev and Rishita come out. Rishita asks what, it was just a gas in the stomach, 30000rs for stating that. Doctor says no, Gautam took the money back when he got to know that the baby’s mum has run away. Suman asks did she run away. Doctor says yes, your son ran away with the money, does a good person do this. Suman says no, a good person doesn’t do this. She asks Gautam where is the money.

At home, Suman scolds Gautam for fooling her. Krish jokes on Gautam. She says you came to me and asked me to help in making the baby away from Dhara, then you gave the baby to Dhara. Dhara asks what. Suman says you want to make me a villain, I refused, everyone tell her. They all nod. Shiva says Dhara would be upset. Raavi says Gautam lied, Suman would be angry. Shiva says what will happen when she knows my lies. Rishita says poor Gautam. Dhara asks did you tell mum to keep the baby away. Suman says yes. Gautam says Dhara gets attached soon, she should be away from the baby, I gave her the baby on a condition that she will not do any drama and return the baby to his mum. Suman asks why did you lie. Rishita says he lied for Dhara’s feelings, Dhara is so lucky, Dev doesn’t learn from his elder brother. She goes. Dev goes after her.

Suman says I felt Gautam is my innocent son, you are also cunning like your wife, you lied for 30000rs and for giving someone’s baby to your wife, tell me, how many times did you lie to me. Gautam says no, I didn’t lie, I just hid the truth. He goes. Shiva says I don’t understand what they want. Dhara says Gautam did this because of me, please take the baby. Suman says I know, its between me and my son, he lied to me, you would know how it feels when a son swears and lies. Krish says I always get blamed. Gautam asks Suman to take the money. He says I didn’t do this for money, I did that to give happiness to Dhara. Suman says you have hurt my heart, so 5000rs interest. Gautam says sorry. Suman says give it soon.

Raavi says interest is high, you can take it, you are a mum. She asks Gautam not to hurt Suman’s feelings. Shiva asks how would Gautam manage to give money, let it be. Suman says he will give the money. Shiva says its boring to ask for money, better punish him. Raavi says we will make him clean the house all the week. Krish jokes. Suman says Gautam will give me 5000rs, because he has emotionally hurt me. Dhara says I know you are angry, but don’t punish the baby.

Suman says you think I will leave the baby on the road, we have no option than to keep the baby at home. Dhara says sorry, forgive me. Suman says my son lied to me because of you, you won’t get forgiven so soon. She beats Shiva and says you got so many sweets, its fine, food won’t be made until you finish these sweets, just make two rotis for me, Raavi will make it. She goes.

Dhara takes the baby and goes to her room. She shuts the door for Gautam. He says fine, I m going to the shop. Shiva comes to Raavi. He says we should go and tell mum, its not a bad news, mum will be happy, come. Raavi says no, she is much angry today. He says we will tell tomorrow. She says done, what will we do of those sweets boxes. Shiva says we will have it, and I will send the remaining boxes at Pandya store. She says wow, you are so clever, I love you. He gives her a kiss and says I love you too.

Dhara puts the baby to sleep. Gautam comes to her. He lifts her and takes her to the terrace. Rishita packs a bag. Dev says don’t get angry. He says I won’t let you go. She says I m packing clothes that will be needed at the time of delivery. He says I will help you. She says promise me, you won’t let the operation get done. He says it depends on time and situation. She says I want a normal delivery. He says I promise, baby is naughty, he won’t come out so easily, he will trouble us. She says he is also worried to come in the world. Dev says we are excited. She hugs him. Dhara scolds Gautam for the cheat. He says you are my heart, mind and soul, if anything happens to you, then I will die, you and Suman aren’t understanding this. She cries.

The neighbors show the videos to Suman. Suman scolds Shiva and Raavi for putting videos on the social media.

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