Pappu Yadav, who attacked the Bihar government in Nawada, said, “Big mafia give crores of rupees in CM fund”.

Nawada: Jap supremo Pappu Yadav (Pappu Yadav) reached Nawada on Wednesday. Met the family members of six people who died after consuming poison there and assured them. During this, he also fiercely attacked the Bihar government. It is said that in Bihar, members of the family who are constantly in debt are committing suicide. This is not suicide, it is murder. He said that the whole country was shaken by the Nirbhaya murder. The government of the country had changed, but no one is paying attention to the continuous killings in Bihar. There are big mafias in Nawada who give crores of rupees to the Chief Minister’s Fund (Bihar CM Fund), but do nothing for the poor families.

Posts of MP MLAs in Navada due to money

He said that the whole country was shaken in the Nirbhaya massacre and the country’s government had changed, but continuous killings are happening in Bihar, on which no one is paying attention. In the Bhagalpur bomb blast, the PM of the country also tweeted and the CM of Bihar also tweeted, but nobody’s tweet came to the fore on the simultaneous killing of six people. Pappu Yadav said that the Bihar government is giving shelter to the ballast and mountain mafia. In Nawada people get the post of MP MLA because of money. On the other hand, on the Mokama election, he said that this election was the election of musclemen, where the power of musclemen has been established over caste. He has also opened a front against Sahara Bank. He has said that if Sahara does not pay the money then lakhs of people will commit suicide like this.

Debt suicides are frequent in Bihar

The incident of death of six people of a family after consuming poison has shaken the whole of Bihar. Pappu Yadav said that the Gupta family did not commit suicide due to debt, but they were murdered. The courage of moneylenders is so high that they talk of raising their daughters as well if they do not give money. A similar case also came to the fore in Saharsa where the family committed suicide. At the same time, five people had committed suicide in Samastipur. On Tuesday also two daughters committed suicide in Siwan. Everyone was in debt.

Demand for investigation

There are a lot of usurers in Nawada and Nalanda and the spirits of usurers are also high. The government is not able to control the usurers completely. In the case of suicide of six people of the same family in Nawada, Pappu Yadav said that it is not suicide. These people have been murdered. Trying to hide it. We demand from the government that call details should be taken out after thorough investigation. The whole matter will be revealed in the call detail.

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