Parenting Tips: Children catch these habits the quickest, improve now or else you will regret later

Good Habits In Kids: It is said that a child’s first school is his home, that is, the behavior, behavior and habits he sees in the house, he learns there. Some habits are genetic and children pick up some things from home. In childhood, if the child sees wrong things in the house, then it is registered in his memory and many times he can adopt them after growing up. If the child has to be taught good values ​​and has to make a good personality, who becomes successful in every field of life, not only studies or jobs, then do not do these things in front of him.

1- Habit of speaking wrong- If you want the child to be soft spoken and talk to people properly, then you should talk in the right way in front of him. If you talk in a hurry, then the child will learn the same and if you talk to someone with respect, then such a habit will be formed in the child. Remember, children remember your talking behavior with others, so keep yourself right before correcting the child.
2- Wasteful Habit- If you will not understand the importance of money So what will the child understand? The habit of extravagance comes in children from their parents. To save children from this bad habit, do not spend yourself in a wrong way and do not fulfill every insistence of the child, as well as explain to them the importance of money from time to time. If parents are very picky in food and do not eat green vegetables or like less variety of food, then this habit can also come in children. If children are not very selective in food, then eat all the food in front of them and especially the food which is healthy. 
4- Keep pessimistic thinking- Children will grow up to be optimist Or passimistic it depends on the parents. If you want the child not to have a pessimistic thinking, then in childhood, do not do many superstitious things in front of him and do not set an example. Promote Scientific and Positive Thinking of Children
5- Complex Personality- Many people you must have seen that their personality has Inferior and Superior Complex. If you want to make your child’s personality complex free, then be simple in front of him. If you pretend that you are not, then the child will learn from you and grow up to make such a personality. Simplicity and honesty also a child learns from home.
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