Parenting Tips: Do not ask the child to apologize for the mistake, but make him feel that

Forced Apology Psychology: Nowadays the problem of every other child is that the child does not say sorry even after making a mistake. Many times, more than it seems, parents have to be ashamed of the fact that the child does not say sorry even after saying it a million times. Nowadays children do not say sorry many times even if they are wrong. So here you need to understand. Do not ask the child to say sorry at that time, because it makes the child feel that if I say sorry then I will be saved. Rather, you have to make the child feel sorry from the heart.

What to do if the child does not say sorry?

  • Sorry don’t think sorry- If the child misbehaves with someone, then do not put too much emphasis on saying sorry at that time. It is better to make children feel sorry than to say sorry. Whether the child says sorry or not, the feeling of sorry must be in him.
  • Fix the content not the intent- Teach the child about discipline. Teach him a story about what is wrong and what is right. How should we treat others? What should be said and done? Insist on setting the child’s intent.
  • Don’t embarrass in public- Instead of repeatedly saying sorry or scolding the child in front of everyone, explain it in private. Tell him how wrong his behavior was. Make him realize his mistake. No, the child will feel that just by saying sorry, he gets saved and he will feel the same again.

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