Parenting Tips: Easy way to feed vegetables to children, they will eat it with taste

Healthiest Vegetable For Kids: On seeing green vegetables, the shape of children becomes. They neither taste nor taste in vegetables, but we all know how beneficial vegetables are for health. All vitamins and minerals are necessary for the development of children. Vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals. Every mother wants that vegetables must be included in the diet of the child. If you want, you can feed vegetables to children in some tasty and attractive way in the beginning. Due to this, the interest of the child will start to be born in eating vegetables and he will become aware of their taste. You can include vegetables in the diet of children in this way. 

Easy way to feed vegetables to kids

1- Make Veg Sandwich- Kids love sandwiches very much. You can make a filling by grating some vegetables in the sandwich.  You can add cucumber, tomato, beans, lettuce and spinach to it. Kids can’t stop themselves from eating their favorite thing. In this way they will gradually start eating vegetables. 
2- Stuffed Parathas- Children love to eat parathas. You can make stuffed parathas by lightly filling different vegetables and feed them to the baby. If you want, you can mash the vegetable and make a paratha by kneading the dough in it. You can feed the paratha of vegetable of the child’s choice. 
3- Make a burger and feed it- You feed the child by making a homemade veg burger. Children’s mouth starts watering as soon as they hear the name of Pizza Burger. You can fill the burger by making veg tikkis, in which you can add vegetables like capsicum, potatoes, carrots, beans. Together with tomato, cucumber and cabbage, feed the children full veggie cheese burger. 
4- Feed vegetable soup- If the child refuses to eat vegetables, then give them vegetables at any time. Drink soup. You can give her favorite tomato soup or mix veg soup, spinach soup, creamy broccoli soup. Children like to drink soup.
5- Feed Uttapam, Idli or Upma- Feed children Idli, Uttapam or Upma. You can use finely chopped vegetables in this. Put some cheese in the uttapam and feed the child like pizza by adding pizza seasoning. Cook by adding vegetables to Idli and Upma.
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