Parenting Tips: Involving children in the kitchen is a good idea, helps in personality development

Child Development: The personality development of the child does not take place only between the book and the computer. Rather, the overall development of the child is on playing in the ground with children of our age, listening to stories with grandparents, grandparents, sharing hands in the kitchen with mom. Storytelling). Because both the child’s brain and body are active in all these activities at different times. Everything else is fine but if you want to know how working in the kitchen is a part of personality development for a child, then it is being told here…

Hand Movement and Coordination

Working in the kitchen is not easy at all, every woman knows this. Because during this time your brain and hands are doing many things together. So that the food kept on the stove does not burn and water does not add too much while kneading the dough. However, you cannot make a child do such a difficult task. But cutting salad from it, peeling cucumber, whipping egg, making tea, preparing turmeric milk. Preparation of filler for sandwich etc. can be done.

baby’s curiosity grows

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