Parenting Tips: Massage baby with this oil in summer, body will remain cool

Baby Massage In Summer: Baby massage starts from 1-2 months and lasts for 1-2 years. Most people consider massaging the baby beneficial. Although doctors say that massage only improves blood circulation and the child gets good sleep, but grandmothers believe that massage makes the body strong and the child develops well. If the child is well taken care of since childhood, then health remains good. Massaging the baby’s head makes the hair thick and strong. By massaging the baby daily, the child feels very active. However, it is also important to know which oil you should massage with. It is very important to choose the right oil while massaging the baby. You should choose the oil for massaging the baby according to the season. Use cold oil to massage the baby in summer. Know which oil should be used to massage the baby in summer. 

Which oil to massage baby in summer 
While massaging baby in summer, you should choose a cooling oil. You can massage with a little coconut oil. The skin absorbs coconut oil easily. It has antifungal and antibacterial properties that protect against many types of infections. Apart from this, you can also massage with sesame oil in summer. This makes bones strong.

Benefits of baby massage
1- There are many benefits of massaging a baby. By massaging the baby‍cha feels safe and cries less.
2- Massaging improves blood circulation, which brings warmth to the body.
3- Massage increases blood flow to hands and feet. good happens. Apart from this, digestion is good. 
4- Massaging with oil relaxes the body and gives good‍sleep.
5- Prematch‍Your child‍Massaging chicks increases weight The heart rate remains balanced. The child becomes agile.
8- The child cries in massaging, which opens the throat and appetite.

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