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Scene 1
Rajiv comes to Neeti’s house. No one opens the door. He says where is Neeti? He finds the extra key she keeps under the pot. He opens the door and goes in. There’s no one inside. Rajiv calls her. Neeti says sorry Sanju.. He says sorry. Neeti says what are you saying? She says it’s my fault why are you saying sorry? I will be there on time. Don’t worry. He says I really love you. I really do. Neeti says I love you too. We’re getting married today. He says I am sorry Neeti I can’t marry you. I hid a huge truth from you. I am already married and I have a wife. The world and all happiness revolve around me. I am her life. I love you a lot. I keep that innocent girl in dark. Neeti is shocked. He says I am disgusted by myself. I know it’s all my fault. Sorry I broke your heart like this. She says I know everything. I am not new here. Stop driving me around. She didn’t hear what Rajiv said. She says sorry Sanju there’s a network problem I didn’t hear. She calls back again but the phone doesn’t go. Rajiv says did she not hear?

Pari calls Rajiv and says Tai ji’s feet got hurt. Please come home fast. Pari asks Tai ji what happened? she says my hand also got burned. Today looks like a cursed day. Rajiv leaves Neeti’s house. He takes a paper and writes everything on it. He writes sorry Neeti I wanted to tell you I can’t marry you. I am helpless. sorry I am telling you this way. I’ve to go back for something urgent. Otherwise, I would have stayed to tell you. I hope you will understand. Don’t go and wait at the venue. Your Sanju. He recalls proposing to her. He leaves the letter there. Sukhwinder comes out. She says what was that noise? Sukhwinder reads the letter. She cries. Neeti calls her. Sukhwinder says Neeti.. She says mummy bring my lehnga to the airport we will go to the salon from there directly. Sukhwinder says I am coming.

Scene 2
Rajiv comes home. Tai ji says where are you missing all day? He says there was an important thing. Simi says what is important? Your wedding? He says I can’t tell you right now. Tai ji says let him rest. She says you have such a clean heart. He says thank you tai ji. He kisses her hand and says you always understand me. Simi says are you watching Hindi serial these days? He says no Pari watches them. He goes to the kitchen. Simi says something is going on in his life that he doesn’t tell us. Tai ji says don’t act like a detective.

Rajiv goes to the kitchen. Pari says you came. Sorry. Tai ji fell I was very scared. He says what are you doing in the kitchen? She says can’t I be in the kitchen? He says I can also knead the flour. I learned it in school. She laughs. He says you think I can’t do it? He kneads it. Pari says what are you doing.. you added too much water. She teaches him how to do it. They knead it together. Rajiv cleans flour off her face. She applies it on his face. He runs after her. Pari says Tai ji will be mad. He runs after her with flour. He applies it to her face. Pari falls on him. They both laugh. Simi comes.

Scene 3
Sukhwinder comes to pick up Neeti. She hugs her and cries. Neeti says don’t cry. It’s not my bidai right now. Sukhwinder says Sanju.. She says I just spoke to him. I am very happy. I am getting married today. Let me get a taxi. Sukhwinder is silent. She asks the taxi driver to go home. Neeti says don’t we have to go to parlor? She says now we’re going home.

Simi and Chandrika argue. Monty asks Rajiv have you started liking Pari more than Neeti? Rajiv says you won’t understand. Monty says there’s Pari on one side and Neeti on other. Rajiv says there’s Pari on both sides. Only Pari. Monty says what are you saying? Rajiv says I know what am I saying. I tried leaving Pari. She came here looking for me. She only sees good in me. Monty says but you love Neeti. Rajiv says but Pari is my wife. Monty says will you marry Neeti today? Rajiv says no. I went to her place to tell her but she wasn’t there. Chandrika says tai ji is calling. Monty says what will Neeti do when she finds out. Rajiv takes Tai ji to the room. Tai ji says Pari you also come here. She says Mishika is coming home tonight.

Neeti and Sukhwinder are in the car. Sukhwinder cries. She recalls Sanju. She recalls what he said.

Episode ends

Precap-Sukhwinder and Neeti get stuck in protests. Sukhwinder gets shot. Neeti calls Sanju crying and tells him Sukhwinder got shot. He says I am coming. Sukhwinder asks Sanju to marry Neeti. He promises her he will marry Neeti. She dies.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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