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Scene 1
Neeti asks Sukhwinder why are you crying? Rajiv helps Pari with pooja preparation. Pari cleans his face. Neeti asks Sukhwinder what’s bothering her? She says life is so long. Sometimes things aren’t made for you.. Neeti says what are you saying? Car stops. There’s riots between two parties. Neeti and Sukhwinder are scared. The driver says these are fights between two parties. THe driver runs. Neeti and Sukhwinder hide. Neeti tries calling Rajiv but his phone is off. Rajiv and Pari set the temple. Sukhwinder is scared. rajiv sees Neeti calling. He says I can’t call her. Sukhwinder asks Neeti even if she doesn’t live keep moving ahead in life. The fights get more violent. Neeti and Sukhwinder try to run.. Someone shoots Sukhwinder.

Neeti screams. Idol falls from Rajiv’s hands. Rajiv says this is a bad omen. Pari says it’s okay I will clean it. Neeti screams mummy.. She tries to get her up. A car helps Neeti. Neeti rushes Sukhwinder to the hospital. Neeti cries and says mummy please open eyes. She keeps calling Sanju but he doesn’t pick. Rajiv comes to his room. He’s worried. He thinks Neeti is calling from the venye. He calls Neeti. Neeti picks up and tells Sanju someone shot Sukhwinder. He says I am coming.

Scene 2
Neeti is in the hospital. She panics and cries. Sanju comes in. Neeti hugs him and cries. She says will my mom live? She cries. sanju says she will be okay. Neeti says I was very scared. Thank God you’re here. Everything will be fine. The doctor says she’s calling Sanju. Don’t give her any shock. Her condition isn’t good. Sanju and Neeti come in. Sukhwinder sees the letter. Neeti says are you okay? She says I wanna talk to Sanju alone. Neeti says don’t say bad things about me. She goes out. Sukhwinder says to Sanju I told doctor not to tell Neeti about my condition. But I won’t live. She needs support in life. The doctor said I won’t live. Sanju says don’t say that. Sukhwinder says I beg you don’t leave Neeti. Marry my daughter.. I know you’re doing this for your family. I can’t see her alone. Please marry my daughter. Take care of her. She loves you a lot. SHe will die without you. Promise me you will marry her. Take care of her. Sanju says I promise you I will marry her. Please take care of yourself. Sukhwinder says thank you.

Pari calls Neeti. She says sorry I didn’t see your call. Neeti tells Pari everything. Pari is shocked. Pari says how is aunty now? I am coming. Neeti says we’ve postponed things aren’t safe. Don’t come here. Pari says I am coming. Neeti says thanks for telling mom about our wedding. I am happy she’s here. Sanju says sorry to Sukhwinder he says I was so wrong. She says I am happy you will marry her. You love her right? sanju says yes.

Episode ends

Precap-Sanju promises Sukwhinder he will marry neeti. Neeti and Sanju are getting married. Pari comes in.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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