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Scene 1
Pari says what way are you showing me? Where do I have to go? She closes her eyes and thinks about Neeti. Pari walks out of the temple. Her foot bleeds. Pami is worried for Pari. Tao Ji says don’t worry I am calling her. Rajiv says I am calling her. Her phone is off. Pami is worried for her. She says there’s a storm outside. Where is my Pari? Pandit Ji picks up the phone. Rajiv asks who are you? He says I am pandit in the temple, a girl left her phone here. She was crying a lot. She left the temple and went towards the cliff. We tried to stop her. Do you know her? It’s been two hours. Pami is worried. She says I will never forgive myself. Tao Ji says we are going. Pami says I can never forget this day if anything happens to Pari. Gurinder says she will go to Barnala and take revenge. Rajiv says Pari would never do that. Chandrika says but we should confirm with her mother once. Rajiv calls Pari’s mom. She asks how are you? How is Pari? I miss her a lot. Send her here for a few days. Rajiv says I will tell her. He says Pari didn’t go to Barnala. Simi says I am sure she has gone to the police station.

Monty says what if she has gone to Neeti? Rajiv calls Neeti. The nurse picks up the phone. The nurse says Neeti is asleep. Rajiv asks how is she. The nurse says she’s fine. She is missing Neeti a lot. Pami says I am so scared. She might harm herself.

Scene 2
Pari walks on the road and recalls how Rajiv married. She recalls everything. The song Naina plays. Pari comes to the edge of the cliff. Rajiv comes there. He stops Pari. Pari says what’s left now? Do you want to take anything else from me now? Rajiv says everyone is worried for you. Tai Ji fainted, let’s go home. She says stay away from me. Rajiv says please let’s go home. She says what home? What is our relationship? Rajiv says I know what happened was wrong. She says what was wrong? Are you being exposed? Rajiv says please forgive me. Let’s go home and talk there, please. She says forgive for how many things? I trusted you blindly. I never liked when you used to come home late, I would convince myself that it was your work. And you were spending all that time with someone else? How can you do thaT? You thought Pari is a village girl, not educated. You thought you can fool Pari easily. You are right, I am from a village but not an idiot. I know what relationships are. I used to wait for you every day to eat food. And you would be spending time with Neeti. And you would come home and lie that you were with your boss. It was all lie. I wasn’t an idiot but I trusted you blindly. I thought you were working for our future.

Pari says the day you said I love you to Neeti in front of my eyes, that day my trust’s blind curtain broke. When you were begging for her life. I saw the love in your eyes for Neeti that I wanted for myself. I thought you were mine but you were Neeti’s. Ravji says please don’t cry. Please I beg you don’t step back. Pari says I don’t wanna hear anything. She cries. Rajiv says Pari please calm down. Pari says this one time I doubted you. I started spying on you, and imagine who did I tell? Neeti, your wife. She told me to keep an eye on Rajiv. But Neeti didn’t know she was talking about her own husband. I shouldn’t have trusted you then too. You think I am an idiot, you must be laughing at me. Rajiv says please listen. Pari says listen what? Another lie? Another fraud. Everything was in front of my eyes. Everything. How you used to disappear, never at home on weekends, never came close to me. Rajiv says please don’t step back. Pari says I should be punished for being an idiot. Rajvi says everyone is waiting for you at home. Pari says I have no home. You knew you loved Neeti then why did you marry me? Didn’t you think the truth will come out? For your happiness and your mom’s motives, you married me. You ruined my family. If you told me once you loved someone else I wouldn’t have married you.

Rajiv says I didn’t know what was going on in my life. It was all very quick. Pari says stop it. Stop lying. Stop saying anything, whatever you say is a lie to me. I can’t trust you. All your care and respect were a lie. You should have respected this marriage and left me. At least I won’t have to see this day. Rajiv says please stop crying. I didn’t want to hurt you, your family, or Neeti. I was helpless. Pari says really? You don’t care for anyone. You didn’t want to hurt yourself. You were selfish. You thought if the truth comes out you might lose your respect, your love. He says it’s not like that. Pari says a woman can tolerate anything but sharing her husband with another woman. How did you live with me under one roof? I you wanted to say the truth you won’t have done all this. How did you do my fake care, giving me flowers, sleeping with me in the same room, didn’t you have any shame?

Pari cries and says everything is over. I left your home. I can’t go to my mom’s. People will taunt her to death, I will kill myself and then have my mom suffer all this. Rajiv says please stop. Everything will be fine. Pari says why should I stop? What is our relationship? My only wish was to live with my husband and family. I don’t want to live. She keeps stepping back. Rajiv says please Pari stop. There’s a cliff behind you, please. Pari says I don’t wanna live. I should die.

Episode ends

Precap-Inspector tells Tao Ji they should search near the cliff. They find many dead bodies there. They come to the cliff. Rajiv is there with Pari’s dupatta. Pami says where is Pari? Rajiv says nothing happened to heer. Pami says what else is left to happne? She’s gone. You are responsible for all this. She tells inspector Rajiv is responsible for everything. They arrest him.

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