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Scene 1
Gurpreet asks Babli if she finds Rajiv’s brother nice? Babli says he is a fool.

Vishal comes to Rajiv and says don’t call me again for all this. Rajiv says I am sorry for calling you. Vishal says I am ashamed to think that I am helping a guy who is lying to 2 of his wives and lying to his dadi. I am ashamed to know that I have a cheap friend like you. Pari comes there and says stop it Vishal. I am thankful that you helped us but don’t insult him, its our personal matter. Vishal sighs and tells Rajiv that your fate is so good, you have done so much bad with her but still she is taking your side, she has a sacrificing love for you like no other. I can’t believe that you fell in love with Neeti and not her, I don’t know how. Rajiv says I am lying because Neeti is pregnant and I don’t want to hurt her. Vishal says but you are spoiling things more, you are not making anything better by lying to your pregnant wife and lying to your Biji, have some shame. I am begging you to not contact me again. He says sorry to Pari and says I hope that you get a loving husband that you deserve but I can’t help you anymore, he leaves. Neeti comes there and asks what is going on? did Rajiv fight with Pari and left? I will go and talk to him. Pari tells Rajiv that she will go behind them and control Vishal. She goes behind them.

Biji tells Pami that today Lohri was good but next year we will have Rajiv and Pari’s baby too. Chandrika comes there and massages her feet. Biji asks her to think about having a baby too. Pami says you are obsessed with a baby, is this an old-age thing? Biji asks her to stop thinking.

Vishal is leaving but Neeti rushes to him and says if there is an issue then we can talk. Visha is angry and says I am not at fault, its your husband. Pari comes there and tells Neeti to go inside. Neeti says no, he said something against Sanju which I can’t ignore. Vishal says now she is protecting that man, he asks Pari why can’t she tell her the truth? Pari asks Neeti to go inside and asks Vishal to leave. Neeti shouts why? he is your husband, he can’t just leave you just because of some issues. Vishal shotus at Neeti and Pari to stop following him, I want to be alone so leave me alone. Neeti shouts you are acting like Pari is a burden on you, she is your wife. Vishal says I was forced. Neeti shouts what forcefulness? Pari shouts at them to stop it. She tells Neeti that if I am telling you to let him go then listen to me, he is my husband so its better that you don’t get involved in all this. Neeti glares at Vishal and says my best friend shouted me today because of you and I can’t bear anyone coming between Pari and I, she angrily leaves. Pari says sorry to Vishal and goes behind Neeti. Vishal says I kdon’t need to give any explanation, lets just go.

Pari rushes to Neeti and says I am sorry.. I shouldn’t have talked to you like that. Neeti says I was just trying to save your marriage. Pari thinks but that will break your marriage. Pari says I am sorry for all that. Neeti says don’t apologize, if you don’t want me to interfere between you and Rajiv then I won’t do it anymore. Neeti turns around and sees Vishal meeting with a woman. He kisses her forehead. Neeti is shocked and thinks what is Rajiv doing? Vishal leaves from there with the girl. Neeti thinks I can’t tell anything to Pari till I have proof. She asks Pari if she knows how is Rajiv’s best friend? Pari says I never got to ask him as we couldn’t spend much time together. Neeti thinks this Rajiv is clever but I don’t want any grudges between Pari and I because of him. Rajiv comes there and asks if everything is okay? Pari says yes. Rajiv holds Neeti’s hands and says I will take care of you as you must be tired. Pari feels pain and leaves. Rajiv thinks he shouldn’t have said all that in front of Pari.

Pari says to herself that why did I get angry on Neeti? I shouldn’t have done that. Pari says she is doing all this for my happiness, she is my best friend and she is pregnant, I shouldn’t have shouted at her like this. I have hurt her, she cries and says I shouldn’t have done it. I am lying to my best friend every day but I can’t hurt her, I am putting my friendship at risk to keep Rajiv and Neeti’s safe. I am deceiving her.

Neeti feels hurt and says I don’t even recalls when Pari shouted at me like that last time, I just wanted to solve her issues for her happiness. We say things in anger but sometimes we say the truth and sometime we just blabber rubbish. Pari took out her anger on me because I was over-reacting, I don’t mind Pari shouting at me. Neeti says Rajiv is deceiving her, I will find out who that girl was with Rajiv/Vishal. Rajiv comes there and asks Neeti what is she thinking? She says nothing and leaves. Rajiv calls Pari and asks if something happened earlier? Pari tells him everything and cries, she says I shouted at Neeti so please talk to her and see if she is okay. He ends the call. Neeti comes there so Rajiv asks if she is okay? she says yes. Rajiv says did Pari say anything? I can sense it. Neeti says I just wanted to resolve things between Pari and Rajiv but she over-reacted so much, I don’t mind her over-reacting but I feel that it happened because of another person. Rajiv says that’s why I tell you to not get involved in other matters. They will patch up but she will have misunderstandings against you. Neeti says you are right, I get over-protective about Pari, she is mature enough to know what’s best for her but I can’t be silent if someone tries to wrong her. Rajiv says okay, just got sleep. Neeti lies down and Rajiv hugs her.

Gurpreet says I want to talk to Pari but I don’t want to disturb Rajiv. I should ask Pari to come to the guest room and Rajiv would understand that. I should go to their room and ask. She is about to knock on the door and thinks I shouldn’t disturb them.. I do want to talk to Pari but I don’t want to disturb them. She knocks on Rajiv and Neeti’s room. Babli comes there and is shocked. Rajiv wakes up and is about to open the door but Babli comes there and asks Gurpreet what is she doing here? She says I want to talk to Pari but they are not opening the door. Rajiv is inside and hears all that. Neeti wakes up and asks Sanju why is he standing there? Rajiv panics.


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