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Scene 1
Rajeev tells Parineet that he can go in the other room to work. She says it’s fine, if you stay here then I won’t feel unsafe. She goes to sleep. Rajeev thinks I don’t have any work so I will watch a movie. He turns off the lights and says you can sleep. Pari thinks he is very caring.

In the morning, Gurpreet is preparing to welcome Rajeev and Pari. She asks everyone to prepare food items. Mandeep thinks they are treating us like servants and we have to welcome them warmly now.

Rajeev is in the shower and water goes out. He screams to bring water as his eyes are getting soaped. Pari brings a water bottle for him and looks away as he is in the towel. She gives him water and he washes his face. The shower turns on and they both get drenched. Rajeev caresses her face. Pari smiles at him. Humari jaan ban gaye plays. He says sorry. She says it’s okay. He offers her a towel. They both try themselves with one towel. He leaves from there. Pari thinks I am a goof around him.

Pari is getting ready, Rajeev comes there so she asks if he can apply sindoor to her? It will make me feel happy. Rajeev applies sindoor to her and thinks I feel suffocated around her. Pari says I am ready. Gurvindar comes there and says we should leave now. Rajeev says I will take her there now. Gurvindar glares at Rajeev to behave. She blesses Pari and they both leave. Gurvindar opens a suitcase and packs Pari’s clothes. She takes her luggage. Minty talks to Pari and says Rajeev will miss you. Rajeev says let’s go now. He opens a car door for her. She smiles at him and sits in the car. She tries to put on a seat belt but Rajeev helps her and says I don’t want you to hurt yourself. They sit in the car and drive away. Pari keeps smiling at him and thinks how to tell him that she likes him. She says can I say something? He says yes.. Pari says I.. will make halwa for you again when I come back. She says my best friend liked my halwa too. Rajeev asks what’s her name? A bike comes in front of the car so Rajeev protects Pari and applies brakes. He thinks I have to protect her till I leave her.

Minty asks Gurvindar why is she packing Pari’s clothes? Gurvindar asks her to focus on her work.

Rajeev and Parineet come to Jaswant’s house. Gurpreet does their aarti and welcomes them. Gurpreet says I will get ready for lunch. Harman and Jaswant leave. Pari takes Rajeev to her room.

Rajeev enters Pari’s room, she says it’s my room. He asks for a napkin, she brings it for him. Pari says you act differently when we are alone. You talk sweetly to me when we are with others but when we are alone then you don’t talk to me. Rajeev says you are also shy around me. Pari says maybe we are like this. Rajeev goes to put the napkin away. Pari sees him putting napkin away neatly. Rajeev tries to leave but they both slip and fall on the bed with Pari under Rajeev. Seene se there sar ko plays. Rajeev

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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