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Scene 1
Jaswant and Harman arrive at Gurvindar’s house. They find the house locked and are confused. Jaswant checks inside through the window and everything is packed there. Harman says what if they are gone forever? They come out of the house and find a woman. The woman says they are gone to Chandigarh. A man says Rajeev must have run away after marrying his daughter. Harman beats him. The man says I am just telling the truth. His mother says everyone knows that Rajeev fooled his family and left their daughter.

Harman and Jaswant come home. Mandeep says I told you all that they were fooling you. Harman asks her to shut up. Mandeep says I was telling the truth, they have run away. If they are in Chandigarh then why did they not come back to take Parineet? Pari comes there and says Rajeev is in Chandigarh, Gurvindar must have gone there to find a home for us there. Don’t worry. She leaves from there. Mandeep says you are all blinded.

Pari imagines Rajeev coming to her room. Pari says I waited for you so much but I am angry now. Rajeev hugs from behind and says please don’t be miffed with me. They both dance with each other and it all turns out to be Pari’s dream. She laughs.

Jaswant is trying to sleep but he is worried about Parineet. He wakes up with a start. Gurpreet gives him water and asks what happened? Jaswant says I felt like Parineet will go made in waiting for Rajeev. Gurpreet says Rajeev will come and take her away. Jaswant says I won’t let anything wrong happen with Parineet.

Scene 2
In the morning, Parineet wakes up and imagines Rajeev there. She hugs him and says I missed you a lot. Rajeev says I am back. Pari says I waited for you so much, I counted every minute. Rajeev says I missed you a lot, I had too much work so I am sorry. Pari says you are back and that’s enough. I never doubted you wouldn’t come back. The door knocks and Pari turns to see Rajeev gone. She realizes it was her imagination.

Jaswant talks to Pari and says I was thinking that you should take an admission to the college. Pari says but Rajeev might come soon to take me. Jaswant says you can continue your studies when you go to Chandigarh so you can support Rajeev. Pari says okay and leaves. Mandeep says what are you doing? Jaswant says I want Pari to be respected as a teacher so I want her to study and become a teacher. I will go to the college every day with her. I am always with her. Gurpreet says I am with her too. Pari comes there and says I am ready.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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