People ousted from power are taking out a yatra to return, PM Modi targets Rahul Gandhi

Gujarat Election 2022: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday (November 21) took a jibe at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra, saying that those who have been ousted from power are now coming to power. Taking a trip to come in. Addressing a public meeting in Surendra Nagar in poll-bound Gujarat, Modi said that the opposition Congress is talking about showing their status in the elections instead of talking about development.

The Prime Minister said that the Congress no longer talks about development in elections. Instead, Congress leaders talk about showing me their status. Look at their arrogance. Surely he is from a royal family while I am a public servant. I have no status.

He said that earlier also the Congress had called him a ‘merchant of death’,‘neech aadmi’ and ‘drain worm’ Used words like I request you (Congress) that instead of talking about status, you people should talk about development. Modi said he does not pay attention to such things as he is focused on making India a developed nation.

A simple target on Medha Patekar
The Prime Minister said without naming anyone that some people are traveling on foot to return to power. They are taking with them such people who worked to stop the Narmada Dam project through legal petitions and kept Gujarat thirsty for 40 years. In this election, the people of Gujarat will continue to teach a lesson to those who march. The public will also teach a lesson to those who opposed the Narmada project.

The Prime Minister’s reference was towards Medha Patkar, the leader of the Narmada Bachao Andolan. Patkar had recently joined the ongoing Bharat Bachao Yatra led by Rahul Gandhi. Modi said that there was a time when the people of this region had to face water crisis. He said that at that time I had taken a vow to improve this situation. I had said that if anyone would benefit the most from the Narmada project, it would be Surendranagar district. And today my words have been proved true as this area is getting maximum benefit from this project.

Taking a dig at Rahul Gandhi without naming him
Taking another jibe at Rahul Gandhi, the Prime Minister said that those who have gone on padayatra do not have any difference between groundnut and cottonseed (cotton seed) crops. know. Without naming anyone, Modi said that some people abuse Gujarat even after eating salt made in Gujarat.

He said that 80 percent of the country’s total salt production takes place in Gujarat, but the previous Congress governments never paid attention to the salt producers. The community engaged in making salt is called Agaria. Modi said that in the 2017 elections, the people of Surendranagar district made a mistake by giving some seats to the Congress as the opposition MLA did not do any work for the development of the area.

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