People say brain is not working? Does the brain really stop working?

Brain Fogg: Many times it happens that we try to remember something, but even after trying a lot, we cannot remember that thing. Similarly, when we try to understand something, we are unable to understand that thing even for a long time. In such a situation, you must have often heard people saying that the brain is not working… What happens that people say like this? Does the brain really not work? Let’s understand what is the real reason behind it… Is it some kind of disease or something else? Let’s know in this news.

What is the reason?

You must have heard many people saying that their brain is not working. Especially after Corona, many people have seen such changes in their body that they are no longer able to concentrate on anything. He does not understand things quickly and his ability to remember has decreased a lot. While reading, they have to read a line again and again, but even then they do not understand it well. His ability to focus on anything has also been badly affected. Actually, the reason for all this is brain fog.

What is brain fog?

Dr. Dhrumil says brain fog is not a disease. It is a common term. In common parlance, you can call it Confusion. In this, things are not remembered, there is difficulty in taking care and one feels tired throughout the day. In this you do not understand any information properly.

Causes of brain fog

Symptoms of brain fog

Problems of attention and concentration are usually seen in brain fog. In this, lack of sleep, irritability, frequent mood changes due to small things. Even small things are not remembered. Due to all these things, headache also starts.

How is the treatment?

There can be many reasons for having brain fog. In such a case, when you go to the doctor, the doctor takes your proper medical history and tries to find out why you are having brain fog. He checks your medicines to know the reason for brain fog. He checks you for symptoms of depression and also suggests some blood tests or physiotherapy, if needed. Dr. According to Dhrumil, it is not any kind of disease. There can be many reasons for this. If you see the symptoms mentioned then you can contact the doctor.

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