Petitioner withdraws petition against film ‘Thank God’ alleging insult to Chitragupt

Thank God Movie Case: The petitioner has withdrawn the petition against Ajay Devgan’s film ‘Thank God’ from the Supreme Court. This petition was filed in the Supreme Court to stop the release of the film, but the film has already been released before the hearing on it. The judges refused to hear the case saying it was pointless. Subsequently, the petitioner Chitragupt Welfare Trust withdrew the case.

In the petition filed against the film ‘Thank God’, which was released on October 25, it was alleged that Lord Chitragupta was wrongly shown in the film. An organization named ‘Shri Chitragupt Welfare Trust’ had said that this would hurt the sentiments of crores of Kayastha people around the world who worship Lord Chitragupt. The film should not have got the censor certificate.

Ajay Devgan played the role of Chitragupta

The petition was filed on October 2

This petition, which was filed on October 2 and received a formal petition number on October 13, was taken up for hearing in the Supreme Court on Monday i.e. (November 21). Meanwhile, the film ‘Thank God’ has flopped badly after its release. During the hearing, a bench of Justices Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Abhay S Oka said, "Now there is nothing left in this matter." The counsel for the petitioner tried to make some arguments. But the judge was not convinced by this. The judges advised that he should withdraw the petition. The petitioner sought its permission. The judges accepted this and closed the hearing.

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