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The Episode starts with Pavitra seeing Rocky there. Veer asks from where did you get this arrow? The big deer comes there. Veer asks who are you? Rocky says she is Nashak. Nashak comes there. Pavitra sees her face and gets shocked. She calls her Maasi, you are Nashak. Nashak says I am sorry Piku, I wanted to keep you away from all this, I knew that the evil powers will try to target you. Veer asks can you stop it, no. He says I will not let my hunt go. He says your weapons and these bottles are useless. He asks her to fill her tears with it after Pavitra’s death. She shows the weapon in her hand. Veer says nothing can harm Maha Pishach. Nashak throws weapon at Pavitra. Pavitra gets it. Veer makes the place smoky. He says you have wasted my time. Pavitra is unconscious. Veer asks Pavitra to get drenched again in the green rain. Rocky and Nashak gain consciousness. Dada ji says Maha Pishach will win and then he will become his Minister. Veer is dragging Pavitra from there. Sapna and others do the puja and pray that their kids shall stay safe. Nashak asks Rocky to take care of himself.

Rocky says we have to search Piku. Veer tells unconscious Pavitra, who is getting drenched in rain, that once that divine symbol goes away from her hand, he will kill her. Pavitra is unconscious and recalls Nana ji and Rocky’s words. She takes the weapon in her hand and holds it in her divine mark hand. The divine mark gets stronger. Pavitra says jai bajrang bali and stabs Veer. She holds him in air using the weapon and shouts. Veer is dead. Rocky and Nashak come there and see Pavitra ending Veer’s game. The green star vanishes. Rani shouts no, as she is inside the tree and finds the green star vanished from the sky.

Dada ji cries and realizes that Maha Pishach is dead. Rani laughs and says Maha Pishach is over. Nashak pours some liquid on Veer’s body. Rocky tells Pavitra that they are safe now. Pavitra says you have reached me. He says I had decided not to leave you alone. She tells that she could kill him due to the locket which he gave her. Rocky says he was destined to die. Pavitra asks Maasi that she is Nashak. Nashak tells that just as she came to know about Maha Pishach, she brought the weapon. Pavitra thanks her. Nashak says this is our ancestral work and tells Pavitra that she is chosen by destiny to end the evils. Rocky says we forgot to take your blessings. Nashak blesses them. Veer’s dead body comes in human’s clothes. Shikha comes there and shouts asking him to get up. She shouts. Veer vanishes as black particles shocking them. Shikha gets mad and says I want to go to him. Pavitra thinks why she has a feeling that the danger is still there on the family.

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