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Rajputs are at breakfast table. Pavitra is shocked to see Rani’s child’s basket in the middle of the house and asks who brought the child here. The basket flies in the air. Pavitra, Rocky, Vidya and Kanika get ready to attack Rani with their powers and weapons. Rani says that the baby’s mom brought the baby here. The Rajputs are shocked to see Rani. Rani asks the Rajputs that once they welcomed her like she’s a queen and now they are ready to attack her with weapons. She says that they have changed. Sudhakar says that it is because they learned the truth.

The Rajputs wonder who freed Rani. Shikha comes there and says that she released Rani, which shocks the Rajputs. Sudhakar scolds Shikha for freeing Pishachini and refuses to forgive her this time. Sapna reminds her of the vow that they have taken as family not to release Pishachini. Shikha says that she released Rajputs’s daughter-in-law and Sanchit’s wife. She says that it’s a big sin to keep a mom away from her child and she freed the Rajputs from that sin. Rani recalls a FB. Rani promises Shikha to fulfill her wish. She says that she will also get satisfaction with Pavitra’s death. She says that she has to put on an act for that and asks Shikha if she will support her. Shikha nods yes. The FB ends.

Pavitra tries to make Shikha. She says that Rani must have trapped Shikha by striking a deal with her. She says that Rani is a number one cheater. Shikha says that Pavitra knows well about cheating. She says that Veer was killed by tricking. Pavitra says that she can understand that Shikha is sad after Veer’s death, but Veer isn’t the way she wanted her life partner to be. Shikha says that she is fed up that others say what she wants. Rocky says that’s why she released Pishachini. Rani denies it and says that Shikha understands the relationship so she helped her.

Pavitra says Rani doesn’t care about any relationship. Rani claims to have changed after learning that she is going to become a mother. She reminds Pavitra that she advised her to leave sin’s path. Pavitra says that Rani tried to kill them. Rani says that they have tied her to the tree for that and take her away from her baby and Sanchit. Rani says that she wants to become like Pavitra, a good daughter-in-law by sacrificing her pishachini life. She says that she’s ready to go through any test to win their trust. She seeks their forgiveness. Kanika asks Rani to enter into the fire river in Chinapur to prove it.

Later, the Rajputs have a discussion. Rocky says that Chinapur is a place where sinners go to wash their sins. He refuses to believe that Rani will agree to go there. Sudhakar says that they can’t trust Rani. Pavitra says that they don’t trust her, but they have to think one step ahead of her to face Rani. Kanika says that if it’s Rani’s trap, she won’t be able to escape. She says that they should be prepared if she turns the table. Pavitra says that this is the only solution, so they have to take this risk and moreover, her aunt is with them. Rocky is sure that Rani won’t agree to this test. To everyone’s surprise, Rani announces that she’s ready and says to let go to Chinapur.

The Rajputs and Rani, along with the baby, arrive at Chinapur while Sapna and Sudhakar are at home. In the mansion, Dadaji calls out to Sudhakar and faints. In the mansion, Sudhakar and Sapna are shocked to see this. Here, Kanika shows to Rani the skulls and bones of the Pishachs who sacrificed their Pishach’s powers and lost their identity. Rani says to Kanika that she knows that she doubts her, but she won’t back off. She says that she will die by entering into the agnithal. Shikha warns Rani that their plan could backfire on themselves. Rani says that she’s always 10 steps ahead of her enemies as she knows that Kanika will ask her to do it. Meanwhile, Pavitra asks Kanika what’s the meaning of asking Rani to get into the fire river when she knows that Rani’s body can’t catch fire. Kanika says that it’s not a normal fire.

Rani gets ready to enter the fire river. She says that she will sacrifice her Pishachini power and will return as a human. Kanika says that Rani should keep her head inside the fire river for a while. If her intentions are noble, she will return as a human, else she will be destroyed. Rani enters the fire river, shocking the Rajputs.

Episode ends.

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