Pitru Paksha 2022: If you want happiness-prosperity and peace at home, then donate these things in Pitru Paksha

Pitru Paksha 2022 Daan, Shradha Paksha:  In Hinduism, Pitru Paksha is dedicated to the ancestors. In this, the family performs Pind Daan, Tarpan and Shradh to their ancestors in their names on the date of their death. Due to this, the father is pleased and blesses the family. According to the Vedic calendar, Pitru Paksha has started from 10th September and will end on 25th September. It is a religious belief that by donating any one of these things on the Pitru Paksha, one gets the blessings of the ancestors  Along with this, happiness –prosperity and peace comes in the house. It is believed that donating these items in Pitru Paksha/Shraadh Paksha brings great merit.

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silver of donation

Kale mole ka Dan

Black sesame should be donated in the father’s side. According to Hindu scripture, if the family members are unable to feed the Brahmin or the poor during Shradh, then they should donate a handful of black sesame while meditating on the ancestors. Due to this, the ancestors are pleased and give blessings. Due to which happiness in life-  Prosperity resides.

Jaggery Ka donation  

Food Dan Mahadan

Donation of food in Pitru Paksha is considered to be a great donation. With this, the ancestors get satisfaction and with their blessings all the wishes are fulfilled.

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