Pitru Paksha 2022: Pitru Paksha Ashtami Shradh tomorrow, know the importance of performing Shradh in the afternoon

Pitru Paksha 2022 Afternoon Shradha: Pitru Paksha Ashtami Shradh will be done on 18 September 2022 (Pitru Paksha 2022 Ashtami shradha). In the 16 Shradh, for the peace of the souls of the ancestors, in the afternoon tarpan, brahmin food, pind daan karma are done. It is believed that Shradh performed in Qutup Muhurta gives virtuous results. The ancestors bestow the blessings of happiness, wealth and splendor to their descendants. In Pitru Paksha, ancestors take water through Tarpan and food through Shradh. Let us know why afternoon time is considered best for Shradh and why Shradh should not be performed in the evening.

Pitru Paksha Ashtami Shraddha 2022

Ashwin Krishna Paksha Ashtami date starts – 17th September 2022, 2:14 pm

Ashwin Krishna Paksha Ashtami date ends – 18th September 2022, 4:32 pm

    Why Shradh is done in the afternoon

    • Noon time is considered best for ancestors’ Shradh. It is said that the time of morning and evening is dedicated to the gods. Lord is worshiped during this period.
    • Shraadh should not be done after sunset, in this the effect of negative forces is intensified.
    • This is the reason why in the afternoon Tarpan and Shradh rituals are performed by remembering the ancestors. Qutup, Rohin Muhurta in the afternoon are considered good for Shradh. Brahmin food should be given during this period itself.
    • According to another belief, Sun God is also related behind performing Shradh in the afternoon. It is said that the food prepared for the ancestors is offered to the fire by burning cow dung. Sun is also the source of fire. It is believed that ancestors take the food of Shradh only through the rays of the sun. The power of the Sun is strong in the afternoon, so it is easy for the ancestors to take food.

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