Piyush Mishra’s statement on being away from Bollywood, said – Bollywood is not my passion, just…

Piyush Mishra On Bollywood: Piyush Mishra is a well-known Bollywood artist, who is known for his acting as well as writing songs. Although he has been walking away from Bollywood for a long time. As a lyricist, in the year 2017 he appeared in director Dakshin Bajrange’s film ‘Sameer’. I gave my last song. After that he is away from Bollywood. However, recently in an interview, he has talked about himself away from cinema.

According to a news of Hindustan Times, Piyush Mishra has said in the conversation that – ‘When it comes to acting in Bollywood films, I tend to be a picky person. I am currently earning good money, very happy and settled with family and friends.’ He further said that ‘These days I am just doing what I want to do, and that is my passion, and that is theater and band’

Cinema is not a passion but a way to earn money

Away from Bollywood for this reason

Further he says that ‘Makers call my songs strange, so I use the songs written by me in my band only. At the same time, the kind of songs I write, no other director can use other than Anurag Kashyap.’

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