PM Modi’s target on Congress, said – dreams of youth were ruined due to scams, policy disabilities

Madhya Pradesh Startup Policy: Prime Minister targeting the previous governments of Congress Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) on Friday said that the atmosphere created by the Information Technology (IT) revolution in the country during the 1990s could not be cashed in and there were big scams, policy paralysis and brother- Nepotism ruined the dreams of an entire generation of youth.

How many startups are there in India now?

India’s startup entangled due to lack of policies 

New Enterprises Are Constantly Emerging

Delhi Fire: A massive fire broke out near Mundka metro station, a three-storey building burnt to ashes, see heart-wrenching pictures

Delhi Fire: Massive fire breaks out in building near Mundka metro station, 26 people scorched, rescue work underway

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