PM Modi’s turban came in the limelight again, today the Prime Minister was seen dressed in the colors of Basant Panchami

New Delhi:Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seen in a special turban on special occasions like Independence Day and Republic Day. Even in the Republic Day 2023 celebrations, PM Modi is seen in a special and very attractive turban. Today, on the occasion of Basant Panchami, PM Modi’s turban is giving Basanti message at the Republic Day parade ceremony. Till now PM Modi has been seen more in the turban of Bandhej work. Even today his turban is of bandhej work only. Yellow and red colors are visible in the turban.

Prime Minister’s turban i.e. Safa remains a topic of discussion every time. Before this, if we talk from 2015 to 2022, PM Modi has been seen in a different and attractive dress every time. In 2015, on the occasion of Republic Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi wore a colorful Rajasthani bandhani turban. In the year 2016, PM Modi wore a yellow turban on Republic Day. In 2017, on the occasion of Republic Day, the Prime Minister wore a pink turban with a white border. In the Republic Day of 2018, a colorful turban was worn, in which red and yellow colors were more. In the year 2019, a red turban with golden stripes was worn on Republic Day.

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