PM to withdraw ‘Agneepath scheme’ in the interest of the country, says Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan

Kerala CM on Agnipath Scheme: The spark of opposition to the Agnipath scheme has now reached the southern states as well. On Saturday, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan also issued a statement regarding the ‘Agneepath scheme’. Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has asked PM Modi to withdraw the ‘Agneepath scheme’. Vijayan said, the Prime Minister should put a stop to this scheme. Apart from this, the PM should also address the fears of the youth.

Vijayan tweeted, "The protests against the Agneepath scheme are a clear indication of the spirit of the youth of India. In the interest of our country, I request the honorable Prime Minister to postpone this scheme. Criticism of professionals and legitimate apprehensions of our youth should be removed."

Vijayan’s appeal to the PM for youth It is in the interest of the country that the Prime Minister should withdraw this scheme as soon as possible. Vijayan said, the sentiments of the youth of the country are showing in the opposition to the Agneepath scheme. The plan of Agneepath Recruitment Scheme was started two years ago from now but the matter stopped during the Corona period. 

General Anil Puri prepared the blueprint
Let us tell you that in the beginning there was confusion about this Agnipath model from the army side but gradually An attempt was made to make it attractive to new soldiers, then the army decided to adopt this model. After the death of CDS General Bipin Rawat in a helicopter crash last year i.e. in December 2021, the workload of the DMA department was on the shoulders of Additional Secretary, Lieutenant General Anil Puri. Under his leadership the blueprint of Agniveer Scheme was prepared. 

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