PM Vani scheme started in Ujjain, now unlimited data will be available at ration shop for Rs 50

PM Wani Scheme: In the direction of Digital India, PM Wani Scheme is proving to be a boon for such people who are financially weak. Unlimited data is being provided through this scheme for Rs 50 per month. The biggest thing is that in Madhya Pradesh, data is being received along with flour from the fair price ration shop itself. prime Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) has launched the most ambitious PM Vani Yojana to bring internet to door to door and provide data at affordable rates.
The benefit of this scheme has started getting in Ujjain of Madhya Pradesh also. Regarding the first PM Vani scheme of Madhya Pradesh, the scheme has been opened at the ration shop. Under this, more than 3 dozen customers of the scheme have also become. Through the PM Vani scheme, data is being provided to the customers for Rs 5. Apart from this, there is also a plan for unlimited data at the rate of Rs 10 per day. If a person wants to take data for 1 month, then he will have to pay only 50 rupees. The biggest thing is that this rate is not fixed by the government, but the fair price shop operator has set the rate according to his cost.
These consumers are getting benefits
PM Vani Yojana. According to Food Inspector Chandrashekhar Barod, all the people who come within a radius of 150 meters from the fair price shop can take advantage of this scheme. The main objective of this scheme is to make internet accessible to the people at affordable rates. Anyone can take advantage of the internet by paying a small amount. The shopkeeper operating the fair price shop operates the Internet as a PDO (Public Tata Officer).
51 centers will open by August 15
District Food Controller ML Maru told that by August 15, 51 shops of PDS will start getting the benefit of PM Vani Yojana. Work is going on fast for this. He said that in the coming days, banking system is also being started at fair price shops through internet. First of all, the post office is being connected, just as the kiosks of nationalized banks work, in the same way the work of transactions related to the post office at the fair price shop will go smoothly. Shop operators will also serve as BC ie Business Correspondent.

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