Police action against 7 members of ‘Mindi Gang’, case registered under this act

Gujarat Control of Terrorism and Organized Crime: Police on Wednesday registered a case against seven members of ‘Mindi Gang’ under the Gujarat Control of Terrorism and Organized Crime (GUJCTOC) Act at Athwa police station. Five of the seven accused were arrested and presented in the court on Wednesday. He was sent to police custody till June 21. Police have arrested Anas alias Anas Mindi Safi Rangrez, Mohd Fahad Arif Shaikh, Mohd Yasha Hanif alias Anu Mindy Shaikh, Mohd. Arif alias Arif Mindy Ghulam Rasool Shaikh and Mohd Tufel alias Mawiya Mohammad Iqbal Kumbhar. . Police are on the lookout for two other gang members, Kaiser and Junaid.

Police identify 25 crimes

Police identified 25 crimes which were committed by the gang members. These offenses include murder, attempt to murder, extortion, encroachment of property, kidnapping and robbery. Arif Sheikh is the leader of the gang, which in the past developed a network of crime in the Athwalines area. Most of the members of his gang are members of his family. He has been booked and arrested for running gambling activity in the past.

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Police officer gave this information

In the past, infamous gangs of Asif Ganda, Lalu Zalim, Vipul Ghazipara, Asif Tameta and others have been booked and arrested under this act.

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