Police does not believe in a theory, many teams are searching for Shraddha’s skull, know what happened so far

Shraddha Murder Case Latest News: The Shraddha murder case in Mehrauli is being investigated in a professional manner. Delhi Police came to know about the matter on November 9, when Mumbai Police reached Mehrauli police station and contacted Delhi Police and informed about the missing Shraddha and handed over all the documents related to it to Delhi Police. On behalf of the Mumbai Police, Delhi Police was informed that Shraddha was living in a flat in Chhatarpur Pahadi in Mehrauli area with a person named Aftab. Shraddha’s father informed that Shraddha was in a live-in relationship with Aftab Amin Poonawala, a resident of Mumbai, for the last 3 years. According to the father’s statement, Aftab was continuously torturing his daughter for the last several years.

After the information of Shraddha’s father, Delhi Police registered a case of kidnapping in Mehrauli police station and started investigation. During the investigation, Aftab was taken into custody and his interrogation was started. Initially, he misled the police by saying that Shraddha was living in a live-in relationship with him, but a few days ago she left the rented house where she was staying.

Aftab confessed to the crime of Shraddha’s murder

Apart from this, during interrogation, Aftab also told that he has also appeared before the Mumbai Police regarding this case and has also provided all this information to them. However, the Delhi Police was not satisfied with his answers, so the police interrogated him in a scientific manner. He was questioned and answered, after which he broke down. After this he accepted the crime of Shraddha’s murder.

cut into pieces and buried

According to him, since May 2022, he was living with Shraddha in this flat of Chhatarpur. On 18 May 2022, he strangled Shraddha to death. Instead of killing, he cut Shraddha’s dead body into different pieces and disposed of it. Aftab was arrested on 12 November to collect all the evidence related to his confession. He was taken on remand for 5 days and again got 5 days remand from the court on 17th.

Bones recovered from Mehrauli forests

During the investigation, the Delhi Police inspected the rented flat in Chhatarpur with the help of FSL. All the evidence was collected and many other things were also recovered by the police from that place. Some bones have also been recovered from the forests of Mehrauli on the indication of the accused Aftab. They have been sent for investigation. DNA samples of Shraddha’s father and brother have also been taken for the bones recovered in the investigation.

Police trying to recover data

Teams searching for Shraddha’s head

According to the status report of Delhi Police, many teams are engaged in search of Shraddha’s head, but so far the police have not been able to find the head. Apart from preparing the documents related to this case for 24 hours, all the police teams are investigating the different facts that are coming out regarding this case. The teams are engaged in efforts to find out the motive behind the murder. According to the Delhi Police, the case is still under preliminary investigation, so it is difficult to believe any one theory. Therefore, in such a situation, the help of the best officers of Delhi Police is being taken and every effort is being made to solve this case.

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