‘Politics in the name of religion, not talking about inflation-unemployment’ – Sharad Pawar

Hanuman Chalisa Row Sharad Pawar: Communal violence and debate are going on across the country for the last few days. Whether it is stone pelting on the occasion of festivals or disputes over loudspeakers and Hanuman Chalisa… there is a political ruckus going on on all such issues. Now NCP Chief Sharad Pawar has given a statement regarding this. In which he said that, except the important issues, debate is going on in the country on issues like caste and religion, due to which the country is going backward. 

Real issues are not being talked about – Pawar
Senior leader Sharad Pawar said that, for the last few days, we are seeing that there is a need to take the country back in the name of religion and caste. Work is being done. But what are people’s real issues? There should be talk about rising inflation, food and unemployment. But no one is paying attention to them. 

NCP Chief Pawar further said that, if you open the TV today, then someone says that he is going to organize a meeting, while the other says that he wants to recite Hanuman Chalisa. Are all these questions the solution to your fundamental issues? To fight all this we have to follow the path of Sahu Maharaj and Babasaheb Ambedkar. 

Earlier also mentioned about spreading hatred
Earlier Sharad Pawar has alleged that like Delhi, attempts are being made to spread communal tension in Maharashtra too. He had said that efforts are constantly being made to provoke people and society. Work is being done to spoil the atmosphere. During this he had said that Hindu-Muslim society should maintain brotherhood. 

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