Power crisis may deepen in Rajasthan, only four days of stock left in this power plant

Fear of production shutdown 
The possibility of production stalling has increased due to interruption of coal supply. In the coming days, clouds of more crisis are looming in Rajasthan. On the other hand, only 25 days’ supply of coal is left in the coal mine of Chhattisgarh, while mining has not started from the allotted mine of Phase-2.

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Coal Shortage
About 13 thousand tonnes of coal per day is required to operate two units of 660-660 MW of super critical. 300 lakh units of electricity are produced daily from both the units. At present, only 30 thousand tonnes of coal is in stock in the plant. Electricity can be produced from this only for 4 days. While the coal stock should be kept with the plant for 15 days, but due to lack of supply, the production is being done from the coal rakes available daily.

how much in coal stock
out of total 6 units of Chhabra Motipura Thermal Power Plant in Baran district, power generation is going on in 1,2,3,5,6 in 5 units, whereas in the past Days after the ESP accident, the fourth unit of 250 MW is closed. The Chhabra Motipura Thermal Power Plant continues to generate 250+250+250 MW in Units 1,2,3 and 660+660 MW in Super Critical Units 5 and 6. According to the information received from Motipura Thermal regarding the shortage of coal, the thermal administration has been told about four to four and a half days of coal. 48 thousand tonnes in Ctpp Critical and 41 thousand tonnes of coal in Super Critical is currently being told in stock. At the same time, the thermal administration has accepted that 7 rakes come to the thermal every day.

One unit of Kawai Thermal closed
While on the other hand Adani Power Plant is operating in Kawai town of Baran district, where 660+660 total 1320 MWh of electricity is produced in two units. Gopal Singh Deora of Adani Power Plant said that both the units were continuously producing electricity at full load till April 27, but due to shortage of coal, unit number 1 had to be closed at 2.30 am on April 28. 660 MW of electricity is being generated in Unit No. There is shortage of coal but coal keeps on coming.

The most expensive electricity in this plant
National Thermal Power Corporation’s plant is operated from gas in Anta of Baran district, in which gas shortage remains for most of the time, due to which the plant has to be closed many times. is. Ajju Garg of the plant said that there are a total of four units, out of which 1 unit is operated on steam and 3 units on gas or nafta. A total of 419 MW of electricity is produced in this. Its electricity is very expensive, so electricity is produced in it only on demand.

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