President Wickremesinghe objected to Rajapaksa’s return, said- political tension may increase

Sri Lanka Political Crisis: Former Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is ready to return home i.e. Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka’s new President Ranil Wickremesinghe has objected to this move from Gotabata. He objected to Rajapaksa’s decision to return to Sri Lanka, saying that this is not the right time for former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to return to the country as it may increase political tensions.

These facilities will be given to Rajapaksa on his return to Sri Lanka

He said that Gotabaya would soon return to Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) President, GL Peiris said that Gotabaya Rajapaksa will return to Sri Lanka and he will be entitled to all the perks and privileges that any former head of state is given under the country’s constitution. 

Economic crisis continues in Sri Lanka

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