Primary classes being held in middle school in Surguja, children forced to study in same room

Surguja School: Due to the negligence of the administration in Chhattisgarh’s Surguja district, children of primary school are forced to study in the same room in the middle school. Due to this, children are facing difficulty in studying and teachers are facing difficulty in teaching. The case pertains to Karaundi village of Udaipur development block. The primary school building here had become dilapidated. Due to which the children there were shifted from 2019 to teach in the middle school of the village as an alternative arrangement till the school is repaired.
Presently the primary school has been repaired. But there is no provision of toilet building, kitchen shed and water. Because of this, the children are forced to study in the middle school itself amid chaos. Let us tell you that the government primary school used to be run in Khuntrapara of Gram Panchayat Karaundi, but due to dilapidation of the school building, the children of primary school are being taught in a room of Middle School Karaundi for the last two years. Here, after continuous protests by the villagers, the dilapidated building of the primary school has been repaired in the year 2022. However, due to unavailability of toilet, kitchen set and water facility, primary school children are still being taught in middle school Karaundi.
2 teachers have been put on duty
In this academic session, 9 children are studying in class I, 8 in II, 2 in III, 7 in IV and 12 in V in Primary School Khuntrapara. The duty of 2 teachers has been imposed by the government to teach them, but due to the operation of primary school in the middle school, the problems of the students here have also increased, because there are a total of 58 students in the middle school, 3 rooms and There are 3 teachers. In this regard, the local villager Somaru Ram said that the primary school students are not able to study in the middle school. Even after repairing the dilapidated building, studies are not being conducted in the primary school’s own building, due to which there is a lot of problem.
The teacher said – Panchayat representatives are not paying attention
Primary school teacher Suresh Kumar Singh said, "The education of our school children is being done in the middle school building since 2 years. Due to the dilapidated building, the school is being set up here. This problem has also been told in the cluster meeting. The representatives of the Panchayat are also not paying attention to this. Which is causing a lot of trouble. Students are being taught by sitting in the same room."
Middle school also has many problems
Karaundi’s primary school has its own different story. At the same time, there is no dearth of problems in Middle School Karaundi. Only girls toilet is being used here. The child toilet is in a dilapidated condition and has been closed for use. Running water has also not been arranged in the school yet. Water from boring is being used for drinking. That too is iron-rich water, due to which children suffer a lot. Girls have to carry water in buckets for toilet. There is no concrete boundary wall in the school premises.
Students clean the dishes themselves

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