Puffed Rice/Kadle Puri/Murmure: This is how crispy puffed rice with Bhel Puri is made, watch Viral Video on the Internet

Puffed Rice/Kadle Puri/Murmure: Murmura is one of the most common foods in the Indian kitchen. You can eat it in the form of bhel puri, jhal muri etc. or just like that. You can also make delicious puffed rice laddoos by mixing it with jaggery. Also called puffed rice, puffed rice is made from puffed rice grains- which makes it filling and light at the same time. What makes puffed rice more popular is its accessibility and affordability. You will get a packet of puffed rice from every grocery store around. But have you ever wondered how puffed rice is made? Thanks to social media, we have the answer. Recently we came across a video in which the kitchen of a puffed rice factory has been shown. The video has been shared by a Nashik-based content creator with his Instagram handle “_veggie_bite_”.


In the video, we can see an iron pan loaded with sand being placed on an earthen stove. Then a person took a portion of rice grains, mixed some of it and put it on the sand. Rice grain and sand are mixed together until the rice grain swells. Once done, the person immediately sifted the puffed rice with a large mesh strainer. The caption of the video reads, “Murmura/Puffed Rice Making”.

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Watch the video here:

Quite an interesting process, isn’t it? The video went viral on Instagram, garnering 789,000 likes and thousands of comments. People on the internet were impressed with the physical labor involved in making puffed rice.

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“How do they handle so many hot pots? They’re so hardworking! Appreciate it!” read a comment. Another user wrote, “He has better hands than most gym goers!!!” A third commented, “So much hard work is being put in by so many unknown people and we enjoy the final product like it’s our birthright. And yet, we get criticized in more ways than one!”

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