Puja Path: Worshiping these trees will make you rich, know how?

Puja Path of Trees: Trees play an important role in our lives. Where oxygen is produced from trees, trees play an important role in eliminating pollution of the earth. Having trees around gives mental satisfaction and balance in life. The abode of the gods is considered. Some trees are considered very important for worship. It is believed that worshiping these trees removes all the troubles of life. Let’s know which are these trees

Tulsi plant
Lighting a lamp of ghee daily under Tulsi tree increases wealth in the house and mother Lakshya‍ Mi ji is also not happy‍ It is believed that regular Tulsi worship brings blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and happiness, prosperity and peace resides in the house. Tulsi plant is very dear to Lord Vishnu. The worship of Lord Vishnu is considered incomplete without the enjoyment of Tulsi.

Banyan tree
Banyan is worshiped by Lord Brahma, It is considered a symbol of Vishnu and Shiva. Vishnu ji resides in its bark, Brahma ji in the root and Shiva ji in the branches. If you worship Banyan regularly, then the obstacles in your life can be easily removed. It is believed that worshiping this tree is good for getting children.

Shami tree
Every evening after worshiping in the temple of the house, definitely light a lamp under the Shami tree. By doing this, there is an increase in wealth in the house and there is progress in business. It is believed that lighting a mustard oil lamp on every Saturday also gives relief in the condition of Shan‍

Peepal tree
Peepal tree on every Saturday. By lighting a lamp on the tree, there is benefit in the condition of Shani. Worshiping Banana tree on Thursday is considered very auspicious. Those who observe a fast on Thursday and worship the banana tree, they also offer water. are. 

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