Puja Samagri Upay: Use the remaining puja material, there will be many benefits, know how?

Use the Material After Worship: It has often been seen that whenever any worship is done in the house, during that time many materials of worship are saved. Don’t understand what to do? Many people make the remaining material of worship flow into the river, but doing so is not right at all. Here we are telling you the solution to the problem related to this problem so that you can get happiness, prosperity and splendor from the remaining worship material. Let us know how you can use the remaining material of worship. With this, the house will always be full of wealth and food. You can also wear this chunari as a blessing of mother in any auspicious work.

Bindi and Mehndi 
If the bindi and Mehndi are left in the makeup offered to the mother queen, then unmarried girls and married women should apply it. Unbroken good luck is attained.

Instead of keeping the offered coconut in worship, break it and distribute its prasad. If you do not want to do this, then give full coconut home in the havan or tie it in a red or white cloth and keep it at the place of worship.

Molly or Raksha Sutra
Instead of keeping the remaining Mauli or Raksha Sutra in the worship, tie it on the cupboard of the house or the safe of the shop. By doing this, God’s grace remains on you and your family members

Paan and betel nut 
Before starting the worship, symbolically establish Ganeshji, in which a swastika made of kumkum on the paan is placed and put a round betel nut on it and wears Janeu. After worship, tie this paan and betel nut in a red cloth and keep it in the cupboard so that wealth remains intact.

Do not throw the flowers offered in worship, but put them on the main door of the house. When the flowers are completely wilted, put them in a pot or garden. After a few days you will see new plants.

If the kumkum is left during the worship recitation, then the married women should put the remaining kumkum in their demand. By doing this one gets eternal good fortune. Apart from this, whenever you buy a new item for the house, then worship it with this kumkum. There is an increase in wealth and splendor.

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