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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 11th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Parvati coming to Khanderao. He says I don’t need any reason to play the music. She says I have to ask something, are you happy with our relation, I m not so foolish that I don’t understand what I see, I have understood it well that you love Ahilya a lot, she also loves you a lot, I liked to get you since the time I saw you. She smiles. He looks at her and says I don’t know what you have seen here, but I want to say that relations aren’t made just by joining it, our relation will also be made with time, I promise and want to tell you that injustice didn’t happen with anyone in this palace, you will have your own place being my queen, in this palace and in my life also. She smiles. Ahilya looks on. Sarja asks what, Khanderao’s second marriage. The lady says everyone knows about it. Sarja sees Khanderao and thinks how can he do this when Ahilya is going to give him a precious gift. She stops him and says sorry, I had to give message to someone else. She goes to Ahilya. She asks why are you silent when Khanderao is getting remarried, why.

Ahilya says I had my dreams and hopes with Khanderao, its not the right time to tell him anything, you won’t say anything to anyone. Khanderao recalls Ahilya’s words. Gunu ji meets some informer. The man tells about a battle possibility. Gunu ji asks him for a big price. The man says we won’t refuse to you. Khanderao sees the kerchief and recalls Ahilya.

The man says Khanderao should die and this matter should end. Gunu ji says it will happen. The man hides. Khanderao asks Gunu ji what is he doing here. Gunu ji makes an excuse. He asks how did you come here.

Everyone gathers in the hall. Gautama comes and recalls Ahilya’s words. Malhar comes home and sees everyone. He asks the reason for the sweets. He says I have come at the right time. Dwarka thinks you have come at the wrong time. Gawde greets Malhar. Malhar says I know you, when did you come. Gawde bends down. Malhar says you are elder and also from Dwarka’s side. Dwarka introduces Parvati. Malhar takes sweets and says Ahilya is giving the sweets, it means she got much happy by something, right Ahilya. He looks at Ahilya and Gautama. Gautama turns away. He looks at his queens.

Malhar says this relation can’t get acceptance from me. Dwarka says but Gautama has given them a word. He gets angry on Gautama and Dwarka. He says marriage can’t happen without my permission.

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