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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 12th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Malhar angrily going and recalling Gautama’s words. He sees Ahilya. The maids talk of Ahilya and feel bad for her. Malhar looks on. The maids leave. Malhar does workout and recalls seeing Ahilya crying and doing the work. Gautama and Dwarka come there. Gautama asks what are you doing, can you manage this together. Malhar says you have no tension on your face, you have kept my respect well, you are keeping everything united. Gautama says Parvati is a nice girl. He says there are many such nice guys in Malwa, so shall I get any guy in Khanderao’s place, will you accept. Dwarka asks what are you saying, Khanderao is our only son, how can anyone take his place, calm down and listen first, we did this for Khanderao’s happiness. He says its better if you don’t say anything in this matter, I don’t say anything in the house matters, it doesn’t mean that I don’t understand anything, they are your relatives, it means you did this. She says no, Gautama also wants this, after all how long would she see her only son upset. She asks Gautama to tell Malhar how did this happen and why, it happened by her consent.

Gautama says you have a responsibility of entire Rajya, you won’t see everything, I m seeing this since many days, Khanderao isn’t happy in his married life, I can’t see him alone and upset. Malhar says if a disease affects a body part, is it treated or cut off. Gautama says no one is separating Ahilya, she will always be Khanderao’s wife, no one can take her place. Malhar says if this is the matter, then go and tell Ahilya that you aren’t doing injustice with her, can you tell her, you aren’t able to meet my eyes, Gautama you know you didn’t do right, a little nine year old girl was brought here, she lives for this Rajya, she prays for everyone, you are giving such reward for her honesty and dedication. Gautama says sorry, its not a new thing if one gets a second wife, even I have accepted your wives. He says there is much difference between you and Ahilya, I had married for the Rajya Kalyan, what you are doing, you are punishing Ahilya and satisfying your ego, you failed in moulding her, you got hurt so you have done all this, I didn’t expect this from you. She cries. Malhar says I regret this. Dwarka says you said that there is no political reason behind this alliance, its there, if Gawde becomes our Samdhi then you will get the village fort in your control, your old dream can get fulfilled because of this marriage, I can say this surely. He says if this is the matter, then you could have stopped for one day, why did you rush and fix the alliance behind my back. He shouts Dwarka. He says I m not a fool. He says Gautama, I married others for Rajya, but everytime I took your permission, tell me, because its your right to know it, I respect you and your right, do you understand, did Khanderao take permission from Ahilya.

Gautama says its their personal matter, but Khanderao agreed for the marriage. He gets angered. He asks how did he agree, I want to know that, this relation can’t get my consent until I get all my answers, I don’t understand how can I face Ahilya, but I have to talk to her. Dwarka says you are saying right, but Gautama has given them a word. Malhar says this marriage can’t happen without my permission, right. He goes. Gautama cries.

Harku says Malhar regards you a daughter, he can never let injustice happen with you. Ahilya says I will do whatever is right for my family, so my wish will be same. Harku says I know Ahilya, you never kept yourself ahead of others, Malhar also knows this, he understood this before, there can’t be anyone better than you. Maid comes and says we have to get grains for tomorrow’s feast. Harku says I will go, you take some rest in the room. Ahilya goes.

Ahilya hears Gautama crying. Gautama says I knew it, Malhar will never agree for this marriage. Dwarka says yes, I have seen his angry avatar after many years, but we can’t lose, do something, convince her somehow, you are Malwa’s queen. Gautama says you know what is Ahilya for Malhar, she is his daughter, his student, friend, his pride, I should have understood this but I was sitting eyes closed, I should have understood this. Ahilya goes.

Gunu ji makes a plan to get Khanderao killed. He says Jaisingh’s men will handle the work from there, Khanderao won’t be involved in the battle task at any cost. Harku comes to Ahilya. She says I spoke to Malhar, he is waiting to talk to Khanderao, then he will talk to you, I told you, he can never let injustice happen with you. Ahilya says I have to respect the guests, its my Dharm. Parvati says I know Malhar doesn’t like this alliance, so he left in anger. Ahilya come there and hears her talking to her parents. She says I was dreaming much. Yashoda says yes, we hurried in sending the invites, Parvati will get defamed if Malhar cancels this marriage. Ahilya says this won’t happen, Malhar is a God of justice, people regard him so, he won’t do injustice with you, never. She consoles Parvati. She says I can say this by my experience, we don’t know the future, but you will be happy here, you also trust him. Gautama, Ahilya and Malhar stay worried all night. Khanderao comes home. Malhar sees him. Ahilya comes out of the room.

Malhar says I can’t decide anything that hurts anyone, so I have taken a decision. Everyone looks on.

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