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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 16th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Harku getting the gifts from Khanderao for Ahilya and Parvati. Parvati gets glad. She asks Rakma to see, he didn’t forget her and sent a gift for her as well. Ahilya smiles and recalls. FB shows… Khanderao says you will like the designs. Ahilya asks what’s the need, you already got a lot. Harku comes and says Gautama is calling Khanderao. He says I m waiting for someone, I have ordered some gifts. Harku says I will receive it, you go. She asks Ahilya to go, she will get the gifts. Ahilya says I have a request, can you divide the gifts in two shares, for me and Parvati. Harku says he got it for you. FB ends. Ahilya compliments Parvati and asks did you like his choice. Parvati says he got something for me for the first time, did you feel bad, don’t say you like this, else he will give this to you. Khanderao comes and asks how did you like the saree. Parvati says thanks for gifting this saree, its beautiful. He looks at Ahilya. She signs him. He smiles ad says its looking good. Parvati smiles. She sees the jewellery. Ahilya signs him that she also liked the gifts. They smile. Krishna and Gomti return home. She gets scared of her husband. He scolds her. Gomti cries. He threatens her holding the burning coal. Tukoji asks how can the documents be right. Gangoba says its east for Gunu ji to arrange such documents, Gunu ji got his men in the ministry, how will we find proof. Ahilya says then we have to balance the ministry, Tukoji, make a list of trustworthy people, those whom we can trust totally that they will never cheat Malwa. He nods.

Gunu ji says Ahilya failed today, she came to insult me. Dwarka says the throne isn’t away from you now. He says Khanderao will make me sit on the throne, he won’t trust Ahilya now, she can’t do anything. Ahilya says when we have proof, we will go to Khanderao, I will think where to hire the people, we have to keep an eye on all the depts. Gangoba nods. She says Krishna would be coming, I should go. He says I will drop you to your room. She says fine. They leave. Tuko ji sees Rakma coming. She says Ahilya, Khanderao and Malhar trust you a lot, they love you, but they don’t give you responsibilities. He says don’t start it again. She says you underestimate yourself, so they just give you the work, you do the work sincerely, then they pat your back and praise you, they thank you and you get happy, they don’t give you imp, you are just a talented peon for them, did the truth appear bitter, you can’t have any answer, you know, you are treated like that only. She goes.

Khanderao makes Ahilya have the medicine. He takes care of her. They talk about Parvati. He says those gifts were for you, not for everyone, it was your rasam, when Parvati’s time comes, I will pamper her also, you didn’t need to share your jewellery. She says we should give her love so that she gives love to our coming baby. He says as you say, I will massage your feet. She says Krishna would be coming. He says she won’t be coming today, she has sent a message, you do a lot for everyone, I can do this for you. He does the massage. She cries and says you have taken much care of me. Krishna and Gomti cry. Gomti says dad has hurt you a lot. She thinks of Ahilya.

Krishna comes to take care of Ahilya. Ahilya asks why are you walking this way. Krishna says I m fine. Ahilya says you sent the message that you aren’t fine, what happened. Krishna says I had much food yesterday, and had an upset stomach. She bends and gets hurt. She says I have not covered the milk in the kitchen, the cat can finish it, this always happens with me. Gautama asks Vaid to examine Ahilya, her eight month is starting now. He checks Ahilya’s pulse. Vaid’s assistant sees Krishna, and asks are you fine, Gomti came to get medicines for you, why does this happen every alternate day. Krishna says no, my foot burnt while cooking the food. Vaid instructs Gautama.

Gomti complains against her dad and asks them to call Ahilya to do justice. Gunu ji says I m the king here for few days, and my decision will matter. Gangoba looks at him.

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