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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 1st August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Khanderao asking Gunu ji to come to Shiv mandir. Gunu ji smiles and says its good, its happening by Mahadev’s blessings. Khanderao asks him to come. Dwarka holds Gautama’s hand and says if Gunu ji is wrong then…. Gautama makes her hand away and goes. Mugdha plays. Harku comes to the kids. She says Malerao didn’t understand his mum well, you have seen her real avatar when Ahilya fought the goons, that day she was battling like Durga, today she is like Annapurna today, she is an ideal person. Malerao and Mugdha asks what does an ideal mean. Harku says like we all should become, we should also want to become like her, are you ready to change yourself. They hear the people talking. Malerao runs out, but Harku stops him. Khanderao and Gunu ji are in the temple. Khanderao asks pandit to keep the coconut aside. He says just truth is dedicated to the Shivling, not lies. Gunu ji asks what do you want to say. Khanderao says I have let you handle things and never questioned you, but Ratlaam’s people have some questions and the Malwa administration also wants the answers, so I want you to take the Shivling Belpatra and swear that Ratlaam’s work is going on right, you are supervising everything there. Ahilya asks why are you thinking, its just to swear. Gunu ji asks what’s the need to swear, I had come from the travel, I can’t touch the shivling without having a bath. Ahilya sprinkles Gangajal on him. She says you are pure now, nothing is pure than Gangajal, take the belpatra.

Gunu ji asks do you want a proof of my truth. Khanderao says I want a proof of my trust, lift the belpatra. Gunu ji says fine, I will return my position if you are suspecting me. Ahilya says we need a trustworthy team to send to Ratlaam in this situation. Gunu ji says I m ready to prove it. He goes to lift the belpatra. Khanderao holds his hand and stops him. Malerao runs again. Harku goes after him. She stops him and says you are young for these matters. Malerao says I want to see mum and dad doing justice. She asks him not to go. He says you asked me to become like mum. He runs. Khanderao asks are you not scared of lies. Gunu ji says no, I have told you the truth. Khanderao says fine, then what is this. Ahilya calls out Gangoba. Gangoba gets the Ratlaam people. Khanderao asks Gunu ji to look at the people, he is responsible for their bad fate, they are Ratlaam people who lost their home and lands, because of the dam project, they didn’t get any money that was taken from the royal treasures for their new housing. Ahilya asks do you still have any excuse. Gunu ji says I don’t like anything, I have made arrangements to give them money, you are blaming me. Khanderao says enough, few people can lie, entire village can’t come here and lie to me. Ahilya says you still have time, we expect you to say the truth, tell us. Gunu ji says I have given them the money, I m a loyal minister, I will never forget my duty, you trust them more than me, what proof do you have that they didn’t get the money, did anyone go there and verify, tell me.

Malhar comes with Tukoji. He says yes, I have verified it. Everyone turns and sees Malhar coming. Malhar comes inside the temple and greets Shiv. He says you know my habit, and I know your nature, I don’t say anything without a proof, and you cheat and still ask for a proof, when I was doubtful about Ratlaam dam project, I decided to send Tukoji there. Ahilya says first attempt failed, but second attempt was successful, it was for the truth, you would remember the Shiv ji Paalki right. Malhar says Gangoba has the accounts book with him, Tukoji has stayed in Ratlaam for two days and checked how much money is used. Khanderao says I didn’t expect this from Gunu ji. Ahilya says stop, its Shiv ji’s place, Gunu ji did wrong, but he is the son in law of the Holkar family, we should discuss this in the darbar. Malhar nods. Khanderao asks the guards to take Gunu ji to the darbar, the justice will be done. Guards take Gunu ji.

Tukoji says one more person was there, who was supervising this, no one wants to take his name. Khanderao says I will make Gunu ji confess the name of that person.

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