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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 28th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ahilya meeting Kailash. Khanderao introduces Kailash to her as their big investor. He says he is Shri Kailash Patil. He asks him to come to darbar. She thinks of Renuka. She thinks Khanderao will get justice for her. Khanderao asks her about Renuka. Ahilya thinks why didn’t she come till now. She signs no. he says fine, we will discuss other matter to not waste time. She says there will be serious matter if she couldn’t come. She tells about Renuka’s problem. Khanderao asks the name of the victim, and who is her family. She says the victim is Renuka and the man who is trying to oust her is her Devar, Kailash. Everyone looks on. Kailash says it’s a lie, there is nothing such.

Khanderao says you mean Ahilya is a liar, this will be her insult. Kailash says no, she has a misunderstanding. Ahilya defends Renuka. She says I want justice for Renuka. Kailash says there is nothing such, if Renuka was here. He argues with them. He says it won’t be good to investigate against my family, my old parents would be troubled, is this right. The men say no, its not right. Tukoji asks them to calm down. Khanderao says we will investigate this matter and then take a decision. Jai singh sees Malhar and says Ishwar is still here with Malhar. He hides and hears their plan. He thinks my plan can come out soon, I have to kill Khanderao today itself. Khanderao and Ahilya discuss Renuka’s case.

Kailash hears this and argues with Khanderao. He asks am I a culprit, if this crime is proved on me, then what would you do. Jai singh goes to the kitchen. Gautama talks to him about Khanderao’s food. She says he will be leaving on the next day of the marriage for battle. Ahilya comes. She talks to them. Parvati is upset. Ahilya recalls Parvati’s words. Guard comes and says Malhar is calling Ahilya. Gautama signs Ahilya to go. Dwarka thinks my medicine is affecting Parvati slowly. Jai singh thinks I will make such food that Khanderao will never be able to eat. Khanderao asks Kailash to tell him the truth. Kailash says I have already told the truth, my family got insulted, if this happens then I will not support you in the development plans.
Kailash asks his men to find Renuka. Ahilya comes and asks him about Renuka.

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