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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 29th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Khanderao asking how dare he threaten me, will he raise his voice on me if he is investing in the development plan. Gunu ji asks him to think well, they have to be practical, Renuka isn’t ousted from her Sasural, we can lose a lot if we think of her, we want Kailash and his friends to support us. Ahilya says if Khanderao does justice with Renuka, then his development plan will suffer, I m increasing his problems. Malhar says imp thing is you are with justice. She says I have to unwillingly stand against him every time, maybe that’s the reason… He says you are paying a price for this, right. She cries.

He says these confusions will come in your relation many times, I want your relation to become pure like gold, you have to choose justice. Kailash gets angry on Renuka and shouts, saying I will throw her out today. His wife says some people are guarding outside. He says Ahilya might have sent them. He tells her something. Ahilya says I have to go to Renuka’s house and investigate.

She asks will Renuka get justice, my worry is getting high, there are many widows, who are childless, will they also bear injustice like this. Malhar says lives of women like Renuka are tough, they have to tolerate a lot. He says I m also helpless, society changes at its own pace, I gave you education, some girls got inspired seeing you and got educated, you introduced textile factory and made women independent, but there are many houses where daughters aren’t allowed to study and work, society changes will happen slowly, we have solved some issues and we have to find out some solutions, Renuka’s issue is such, there is no one in Renuka’s Maayka, if she has a son, then things would have been easy for her, go to Renuka, take care. Ahilya leaves.

A man says Renuka Sonbai is going to the Narmada river for a bath. The men say we have to follow this palanquin and find out, Ahilya asked us to keep an eye. Kailash goes to Renuka’s room. She opens the window to shout. Kailash’s wife goes in the palanquin. Kailash enters the room and sees the window open. He gets angry. He asks the man to catch Renuka. Renuka runs to the jungle. She doesn’t see Ahilya coming. Kailash asks did you get her. Ahilya asks who, I came to meet Renuka. He says she isn’t here. She asks where is he. He says I don’t know, she lied about us. She asks did you lock her in some room. He asks her to come inside and check it herself. Ahilya checks. She asks why would she run away. He says she has lied to you. She says I have seen her truth. He says you are insulting me by these blames, do you have any proof, I won’t take any insult now, I will go to Malhar for justice. She says you know Renuka isn’t here so you are shouting, you are feeling insulted, I will find Renuka and get you punished.

The men say sorry, servant told that Renuka is in the palanquin, so we went after it. Ahilya says Kailash is doing this, he forced Renuka to run away. The man says maybe he has hidden her somewhere. She says no, she has run away, Kailash is also finding her, she may take a wrong step. Kailash says she decided to find out Renuka, if I m proved a liar, then my reputation will get ruined, find her and kill her, she shouldn’t reach the darbar. Kailash’s men look for Renuka. She is hiding under the dry grass. The man stabs and checks the cart. He goes to find her. Renuka runs. Someone asks her to stop. She sees the man talking to his daughter. She gets relieved. She thinks to reach the palace and talk to Ahilya, but how.

Gunu ji gives the poison to Jai singh. He says I got this but what is this. Jai singh says its poison, if I feed this today then the effect will show tomorrow, nobody will doubt me. Gunu ji says you found a good way. Jai singh says Parvati wants to make special dishes to feed Khanderao, he will be alone when he tastes this. Gunu ji says she doesn’t know that she will wipe off the sindoor herself. Dwarka and Parvati have a talk. Parvati smiles seeing Khanderao. Dwarka teases her. Parvati gets shy. Dwarka asks her to go and give him the prasad. Parvati goes. Dwarka thinks Ahilya has to lose all her rights. Renuka runs. Ahilya looks for her. Renuka shouts for help. She gets shocked seeing Kailash. He smiles.

Ahilya gets Renuka to the darbar. She talks of the injustice.

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